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Gunpowder Falls State Park stretches nearly 18,000 acres in Harford County and Baltimore County. The park was established in 1959 in order to protect the stream valleys of the Big and Little Gunpowder Falls and the Gunpowder River. The park displays a variety of topography ranging from tidal marshes to steep rugged slopes and hosts a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and canoeing. Fishing is another a popular activity in the park, as the park has great trout fishing. The park is divided into six park areas: the Hereford Area, The Torrey C Brown Trail, Sweet Air Area, Central Area, the Hammerman Area, and the Dundee Creek Marina.The Hereford Area, located along York Road contains the Millpond Cottage and is best for hiking, fishing, and canoeing kayaking. The Torrey C. Brown Trail Area contains the most renowned trail in the Park, the Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail. This rail-trail is also known as the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, named after Dr. Torrey C. Brown who was the third Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. This multi-use trail extends from Ashland, Maryland to the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. The Sweet Air Area is best for hikers and equestrians. The Central Area contains both Big and Little Gunpowder Falls as well as the Historic Village of Jerusalem Mill. This area is popular amongst hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. The Hammerman Area offers a large swimming beach area on the Gunpowder River, great for the whole family. Dundee Creek Marina offers boat launching, boat rentals, fuel, and a marina store. There is also fishing in this area. The park headquarters are located in Jerusalem Mill Historic Village in the Central Area.

Even though it was freezing today, there’s nothing like a “new friend” to keep you warm with lots of hugs! ❤️

off trail
27 days ago

The white trail was great, we enjoyed with the kids and dog. When we decided to take the orange trail, Jessie’s Trail, it became more challenging. Very rocky and uphill.

Nice short trail, but definitely room to explore to make it longer if you wanted to. Loved the quickness today with snow still on the ground, but just needing to get out.

1 month ago

Nice easy loop. Extremely muddy, you'll want waterproof shoes or boots.

Nice easy loop.

trail running
1 month ago

Good, convenient out and back. December conditions were very muddy and included having to wade accross a stream crossing. maybe plan your visit a few days after the last rain to avoid.

Long ascents and descents and very easy to follow. Almost impossible to get lost. Great view at the end of the trail! Waterfalls and small bridges near mile 2.5. Recommended if you're looking for a technical run!

2 months ago

So it is a beautiful place even though it is December. It however is really poorly marked. There are a lot of marks for the yellow trail though and those areas seemed to be the best taken care of. I am not sure how well this trail is maintained in the summer as it seemed like it was pretty overgrown in some areas the further you get on the trail. Overall though my youngest loved it and we all enjoyed our day. Do make sure you have the app with you and a map though, otherwise you could find yourself out here for a very long time.

2 months ago

Very nice trail. Not too difficult. Plenty of options to go different ways so you don’t have to do all 10+ miles if you don’t have a time or inclination.

Great easy trail. Great for adventuring down alternate paths, easy enough to find your way back. Check out @marylandtrails on IG for photos.

One of the best trails for the Gunpowder area. Open views. Many extra little paths. Gradual inclines but mostly flat. Not boring scenery.

It is what the name says.. a pleasant easy hike.


This is a great hike, but can be very muddy in some sections.

3 months ago

3 months ago

FYI -- hiking boots will almost definitively get filled with water at one of the stream crossings. The rest of them were shallow enough or had enough rocks, but for one stream, you either just step into deep water and fill your boots or risk falling in and getting more wet because the rocks are too far from each other. Pretty sticky mud at some spots, but otherwise it was a nice hike. Make sure you tie your boots on tight! :-)

Very muddy, but quite nice while walking along the water. A bit more challenging when going through the woods, but nothing extremely difficult.

4 months ago

Very enjoyable hike, not strenuous but there are some hills to traverse.

5 months ago

The first mile up to the pot rocks is easy and offered a few fun side views for my family and I to take pictures of like a the tree with a huge hole in it, a fallen tree we practiced climbing over, and a mini climb up to an interesting rock.

The pot rocks were great fun! We stayed for about and hour and saw a handful of people during that time. Afterwards we packed up and headed to the overlook and continued the hike. My dad turned back at this point and it was a good thing because the next four miles would have been too much.

Almost as soon as you pass the overlook, the path becomes covered with fallen trees. It’s easy enough to spot the next trail blaze across the trees and navigate over them. We had a leashes beagle and he did well on this part. Once we got to the half way mark of the trail the path disappeared. We ended up wandering around for a bit before my cousin went ahead and crossed a fallen tree over a stream and found the blue blazes. We crossed too and my cousin carried our dog over.

After this point up until we reached the pot rocks again the trail was very overgrown but at least we saw some trail markers, although some of them were faded.

We definitely got a lot of adventure—more than we thought we would and enjoyed ourselves greatly! It was a challenge with the trail being unkept but fun.

There is a lot of trash leading up to the pot rocks so if you are only going to the pot rocks bring a trash bag to take some with you.

I would definitely go again, even with the trail being the way it is.

5 months ago

A nice hike through forest and along shoreline. There are many side trails so make sure to have a map. Definitely would recommend the wooded areas and the southern portion. The northern part has a road and along the shoreline was more overgrown.

5 months ago

Good difficulty and length! Parking was extremely limited, but we happened to be lucky. I could see it being frustrating if you didn't get one of the ~6 spots right next to the trailhead (as it's marked on this map - there are several spots along the road where you can hop on here).

Good flexibility in terms of being able to add & cut some loops along the way - just nothing spectacular here, though it's also far from boring. My experience was also a bit colored because I was stung by a bee at snacktime...watch where you're kicking around under larger rocks. My girlfriend did find some pretty uncommon mushrooms if you're into that sort of thing!

Quiet, and beautiful. Loved the hike and variations of scenery. was super lush and the smells were amazing during our misty spring hike.

Trees are down where the loop starts pass overlook rock...

6 months ago

Trail is not well marked or maintained. There was lots of trash and spider webs every few steps...would not recommend

Great trail! We went off the trail for a while due to unmarked pathways, and found it interestingly challenging but manageable. We eventually merged with Merryman’s Mill loop.

Second half of the loop was completely impassable. Poor maintenance throughout. some scenic views but unfortunately lots of trash as well. Should be rated moderate as well especially for the second half.

Muddy and busy. Too many muscle heads wearing weighted vests trying to rough it on the few easy inclines. The river is pretty and there are some nice paths thru green forests. Better off going elsewhere.

This was my inaugural trail with AllTrails app, and I was so happy I had it. Is a beautiful setting, forested, lightly used trail, but the trail wasn’t marked well. There was a dried up water way that looked like the trail so we followed it. Thankfully, my map on AllTrails showed me how far off we were. We back tracked and kept going. You can hear beautiful song birds and see wildlife. I had my 3yo with me and I thought it was easy enough for him to do most of the time.

Really beautiful trail but warning if you are trying it in July 2018 because all the rain we got has made the trail really muddy. Also I had to turn around about only a mile in because of a down tree blocking the trail. Will definitely come back during a drier time. Happy hiking!

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