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Flat, open road for running at pace. Some foot and bike traffic, but plenty of room for all. Very scenic and shaded throughout. Porta-potties! ample parking at numerous spots along the route.

This was my first time on this trail. It took awhile to find the trailhead. Once I found the trailhead, I planned on working the loop in a counterclockwise direction. I got to the top of the loop and could not find where to continue the loop. I tried the path in the break in the woods where the electrical poles are and other paths that took me towards backyards. I ended up backtracking my steps and making it an up and out trail. Lots of wildlife on the trail. My dog and I walked up on multiple deer, a turtle, and the ranger and his horse. I would try this trail again with the plan to go in a clockwise direction to see if the loop is easier that way.

Attempted this trail, but never found the Quarry Trail (orange trail). Followed the white trail all the way until the end? Unsure if I hit Harford Rd or not. Out and back on the trail i took was about 7 miles. Only saw 3 people on the trail, couple fishing and some playing in the river.

Great trail. Beautiful scenery. Access to covered bridge and historical places.

I’ve been coming here since I was little
There are multiple trail options to choose from, you have lots of beautiful scenery around u, the river runs right by you and you can walk through it since it’s usually pretty low and you can see people fishing in it from time to time depending on its levels
Very nice trail to walk with the kids

Agree with past reviewers... trail is more easy than moderate. Not much hard climbing. Best part is the river views. This stretch of river is mostly low grade falls, which makes for nice background music.

Ran the loop again. Missed one major turn. iPhone ran out near the end; Garmin says 1:00:23 time, 4.62 mi, 370C, 488 gain, 495 loss, and average HR 135 bpm. Recording posted.

2 months ago

All/Trails has this area covered. If you don't have a GPS or a map you can really get confused via the mazes. Way to many trails named Yellow. Would be nice if the area was blazed. I took a chance that it wasn't going to rain and made the long drive. I like the trails here. Defined but not well maintained. I saw a few guys fishing. I didn't see anyone on the trails. ( A Very Quite Day ).

Great trail run on a well-marked looped course featuring it all —single and double track, on rooty, rocky, gravel, grass, and hilly terrain (501/550 gain/loss per 4.2 mi loop). I trust my Garmin’s output on elevation gain/loss over the trek’s recorded output; I don’t believe it is as accurate (see my posted recorded trek, there is a significant difference, especially when doing multiple loops). I went off course 2-3 times more so due to speed than focus at those particular points where I went off. This trail has a moderate stream crossing and plenty of sharp turns, but any lost time can be made up on the numerous straightaways. Again, great trail run.

Solid trail. A bit crowded along the stream but once you get to the elevation segment it really opens up. Great hike for the dogs and myself.

Great trail! Well marked... more easy than moderate but overall a perfect day hike!

Even after a rainy day it’s still a great place to hike. Just wear boots!

For the most part I love this trail, very scenic and the cemetery is cool. The first few times I got pretty lost though, especially before I had this app. Trails generally aren't blazed. I take my dog, but if you do PLEASE be wary.. I've encountered aggressive off-leash dogs and even one man with 7 or 8 dogs, 4 off leash.

4 months ago

A wonderful 1200 acre area highlighting the Little Gunpowder Falls as it transects the Piedmont. Well maintained trails, blazes are apparent but trail intersections can sometimes be confusing. GO WHEN THE LEAVES ARE DOWN! A totally different experience as the sight-lines extend considerably in the winter. Also, the human traffic is considerably less. The Harford Co. side of the river (white trail) is exposed to the sun, but the ridge blocks the north wind. Very comfortable on a sunny winter day. Many trail options. Try it.

While the main trail to the swimming hole in Gunpowder can be quite busy, most of the other trails have low traffic. This makes them great for bird and wild life watching. This is one of our favorite go to trails!

Nice peaceful hicking not busy early mornings ., no swim holes for dogs

Great in the fall

mountain biking
8 months ago

A nice single track trail that runs along the river as well as up into farm land and fields. It is not as scenic as some of the other Gunpowder trails. There used to be a single track that branched off past the picnic area and ran closer to the river. It has been closed due to safety concerns. In the first mile there is a water crossing that requires a dismount and there are some tight switchbacks, but otherwise it is not too difficult.

relatively easy walk along the river. Great views of the stream for most of the hike

mountain biking
8 months ago

I am an intermediate rider who does not enjoy trails with lots of rock piles and boulders, particularly if they require you to dismount. The little gunpowder trail on the white blazed side of the water is quite rocky. From the entrance to the quarry trail branch point, there are a number of minor water crossings that are strictly rock piles. I attempted to take the quarry trail, but the elevation is too steep and rocky. Perhaps an advanced rider could tackle it, but not me. Returned to the main trail, which is a mostly nice ride with lots of roots and a few more rocky sections. I found the little gunpowder trail and loop on the far side of the water to be much more enjoyable.

mountain biking
8 months ago

There is an unmarked but well maintained trail on the other side of the little gunpowder. The parking lot and trail head is less than a mile north of the quarry trail lot on the right side of the street. This trail is an official trail but it is basically unmarked. Fortunately it is well maintained and easy to follow. The section of the trail along the falls between Harford and Belair roads is easy. A beginner could ride it, but it has a few challenging narrow switchbacks. Once you hit Belair road, the trail becomes much more difficult, definitely not for beginners. There is quite a bit of elevation and the narrow trails has many boulders and rock piles. It goes deep into the forest and is a fun ride, if you don't mind having to dismount a few times.

After running trails in eastern Baltimore co., i.e. flat, this was a nice change of pace with the elevation gain.
Parking can be tricky if they have something going on.
It was a very enjoyable run with some nice scenery and a good bit of wildlife ( deer and chipmunks). Next time I plan on adding on the quarry trail to up the mileage.

Pleasant stroll in the woods. Trail well maintained.

Very nice hike! Not jogging stroller compatible, recommend a backpack carrier there are a lot of rocks and roots.

horseback riding
8 months ago

Wonderful horseback riding trails. Can be a little confusing which turns to take. I would follow previously mapped out trail so you don’t get lost. There are places for horses to drink on little gunpowder trail. I recommend the Boundry trail, Pond loop, and little gunpowder trail. Going back to map out more. The entire Boundry Trail is a two hour ride at the walk.

This a wonderful trail for spotting mushrooms and wildlife. The view from the overlook is stunning. Was a nice workout but not too hard to get in as a day trip while carrying a toddler. One of my favorite trails in the area.

Very nice

The pond rocks were very cool. And we saw a lot of wildlife: deer, toads, snakes, and all sorts of birds. I also like the portion of the trail that was up higher on the hillside. There was a lot of trash along the trail, some of it was rather gross. There was also about a mile of trail that was concealed with overgrown thorny bushes, making it difficult to pass. Good for a short day hike but nothing too exciting.

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