This was a really nice walk but when we went it was very muddy resulting in a couple of falls. The reason why this is a four and not a five is because the trail had a lot of horse crap on it. So while avoiding mud we also had to avoid horse crap and hope we didn't fall into it. Lots of little trails heading down towards the stream. Definitely not a jogging stroller trail and I'd recommended a backpack style carrier for babies and small kids. There are a lot of roots and two small streams with rocks you have to cross so you really need to be able to see your feet.

15 days ago

nice group of trails to mountain bike. a little overgrown in some areas but overall easily enjoyable. I didn't ride the actual loop with the elevation, I went from Bel air road to Harford Rd back to Bel air road on the opposite side of the river.

My husband, our 3 year old son, and our golden retriever puppy did 4 miles of the trail. It was beautiful and peaceful. Good for families with small kids; they can walk for awhile and then be put in the carrier. We saw a group of firefighter cadets and 5 couples on the path. We will be doing this one again!

The trail itself is good and it's a nice walk through the woods. If you're looking for quiet and solitude, you may want to look elsewhere as the traffic noise on this trail is higher than others you could experience.

this trail is great, I am a novice mountain biker, but have plenty of history on 2 wheels. At first, I wasn't impressed at all, until about 2 miles in (after the open field of power line towers) my opinion instantly changed and I was having a blast.
I gave 4 stars because of the rocks and roots, some spots are nearly impossible to ride through. I walked for a total of about 10 minutes in the first 2 miles.