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Gunpowder Falls State Park stretches nearly 18,000 acres in Harford County and Baltimore County. The park was established in 1959 in order to protect the stream valleys of the Big and Little Gunpowder Falls and the Gunpowder River. The park displays a variety of topography ranging from tidal marshes to steep rugged slopes and hosts a variety of activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking, and canoeing. Fishing is another a popular activity in the park, as the park has great trout fishing. The park is divided into six park areas: the Hereford Area, The Torrey C Brown Trail, Sweet Air Area, Central Area, the Hammerman Area, and the Dundee Creek Marina.The Hereford Area, located along York Road contains the Millpond Cottage and is best for hiking, fishing, and canoeing kayaking. The Torrey C. Brown Trail Area contains the most renowned trail in the Park, the Northern Central Railroad (NCR) Trail. This rail-trail is also known as the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail, named after Dr. Torrey C. Brown who was the third Secretary of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. This multi-use trail extends from Ashland, Maryland to the Maryland-Pennsylvania state line. The Sweet Air Area is best for hikers and equestrians. The Central Area contains both Big and Little Gunpowder Falls as well as the Historic Village of Jerusalem Mill. This area is popular amongst hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. The Hammerman Area offers a large swimming beach area on the Gunpowder River, great for the whole family. Dundee Creek Marina offers boat launching, boat rentals, fuel, and a marina store. There is also fishing in this area. The park headquarters are located in Jerusalem Mill Historic Village in the Central Area.

23 hours ago

Trail is not well marked or maintained. There was lots of trash and spider webs every few steps...would not recommend

Great trail! We went off the trail for a while due to unmarked pathways, and found it interestingly challenging but manageable. We eventually merged with Merryman’s Mill loop.

The trail along the waters edge is quite rocky. - Lots of roots to trip over in that section too. - All the trails in this area are not marked very well so carry a backup map and be sure to use your All/Trails App. - To many Yellow trails. - If you are coming on a weekend, go early or late because parking is limited. -- The trails are well defined but not much maintenance is being done here. – Very overgrown so beware of Ticks. No access to drinking water so be sure to carry plenty. If you get it from the upper stream it’s best to Filter it. Better save then sorry.

Second half of the loop was completely impassable. Poor maintenance throughout. some scenic views but unfortunately lots of trash as well. Should be rated moderate as well especially for the second half.

Muddy and busy. Too many muscle heads wearing weighted vests trying to rough it on the few easy inclines. The river is pretty and there are some nice paths thru green forests. Better off going elsewhere.

This was my inaugural trail with AllTrails app, and I was so happy I had it. Is a beautiful setting, forested, lightly used trail, but the trail wasn’t marked well. There was a dried up water way that looked like the trail so we followed it. Thankfully, my map on AllTrails showed me how far off we were. We back tracked and kept going. You can hear beautiful song birds and see wildlife. I had my 3yo with me and I thought it was easy enough for him to do most of the time.

Really beautiful trail but warning if you are trying it in July 2018 because all the rain we got has made the trail really muddy. Also I had to turn around about only a mile in because of a down tree blocking the trail. Will definitely come back during a drier time. Happy hiking!

on Lost Pond Trail

23 days ago

This was a pretty fun hike despite all the rain that day (actually made it feel a bit more exciting). There were plenty of scenic views of the river and pot rocks. Saw some cute frogs hopping around. Unfortunately there was trash in various parts of the trial: towels, beer cans and even underwear. Also coming back from the mid-point of the trail, it started looking like a jungle with all the overgrowth, and the trail started becoming difficult to see. Definitely would've gotten lost if it was dark out.

trail running
27 days ago

I started at the Dulaney Valley Rd trailhead and ran to Warren Rd, then back. As others have said, these trails are not well marked and it's tough to find where the trail continues when you get to clearings under the power lines. The portions closest to the reservoir shoreline are very overgrown. An app or GPS is a must.

But, that means you generally will have the trail to yourself. I was out mid-morning on a Sunday and saw only a handful of people.

This was a really great hike. It wasn't very challenging but if you aren't paying really good attention than you may have a problem as you go on three different trails. We did the longest part of the trail through the uphills first and then went to the swimming hole to relax, have lunch, and cool down in the water before finishing the trail; which was a nice easy flat trail all the way back to the parking lot. I would say get here early as there seemed to be a lot of people coming in as we were leaving around 1:30. Up until then though the trail was really quiet and beautiful.

on Sweet Air Loop

trail running
1 month ago

Great location for trail running.
Many trails, they can get confusing.
Park is very well maintained. Always clean and freshly mowed. The trails do have some erosion and exposed roots. Run carefully. Lots of hills of varying elevations and some nice flat stretches.
All in all a great place for hiking, biking, running, and horseback riding.

Awesome trail. Lots to look at!

Great hike took my sister and our dogs. My lab loved the access to the river and the trees provide amazing shade for a cool walk. Fantastic Day!

Awesome trail. Get there early for parking though.

My dogs and I love this hike and visit it often.

I appreciated the variety of terrain (rock, packed dirt, even soft dirt/leaves). Some nice views. Parts are really overgrown and others are just a rock road. There is one really, really nice long hill if you need to train for that. Unfortunately the map shows that trails continue beyond this mapped out and back but they are unmarked and barely visible, and eventually completely run out even tho the map say they are there.

An okay hike. Best part includes great views of the river. Worst is hiking near I-95 and the related noise. But, that does not last too long.

1 month ago

4th of July:
Quick 1-mile loop after a meal and a movie before nighttime fireworks. Great trail, it’s marked, and will definitely return to do the whole thing!

It was a good trail. We saw a couple young deer and had a nice time at the mill.

1 month ago

I’ve been to Gunpowder more times than I can count but never completed the lost pond loop. The pot rocks are a must see on this hike. Make sure you bring some swimming gear for this relaxing swim spot! I mostly liked this trail as a whole. Unfortunately when you get to the point where you loop to head back (near 95) the trail is not well marked and was super over grown. I would say we spent a good 45 minutes walking through this overgrown path. My poor pup had many thorns embedded in his fur. However the views of the gunpowder are very pretty and makeup for this part! The other unfortunate part is since the pot rocks are such a popular swimming spot there is A LOT of human trash on this trail. This made me very sad as it is such a beautiful place. Please remember to pack out what you bring with you!

Pretty solid trail

Only did the loop portion, it’s about 2.5 miles. My dog and I enjoyed the hike though you can hear the cars on 95 and I like a more quiet forest setting.

trail running
2 months ago

Flat, open road for running at pace. Some foot and bike traffic, but plenty of room for all. Very scenic and shaded throughout. Porta-potties! ample parking at numerous spots along the route.

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful old growth forest. It doesn’t drain well and is overgrown with brush in tighter sections. More of an obstacle course in places than pace running. Pretty isolated, but convenient to Towson. Parking alongside road on Seminary.

Absolutely gorgeous views...def wear great hiking boots, and walking sticks would be useful as you will cross rocks, mud, and water

This was my first time on this trail. It took awhile to find the trailhead. Once I found the trailhead, I planned on working the loop in a counterclockwise direction. I got to the top of the loop and could not find where to continue the loop. I tried the path in the break in the woods where the electrical poles are and other paths that took me towards backyards. I ended up backtracking my steps and making it an up and out trail. Lots of wildlife on the trail. My dog and I walked up on multiple deer, a turtle, and the ranger and his horse. I would try this trail again with the plan to go in a clockwise direction to see if the loop is easier that way.

Attempted this trail, but never found the Quarry Trail (orange trail). Followed the white trail all the way until the end? Unsure if I hit Harford Rd or not. Out and back on the trail i took was about 7 miles. Only saw 3 people on the trail, couple fishing and some playing in the river.

Great trail. Beautiful scenery. Access to covered bridge and historical places.

I’ve been coming here since I was little
There are multiple trail options to choose from, you have lots of beautiful scenery around u, the river runs right by you and you can walk through it since it’s usually pretty low and you can see people fishing in it from time to time depending on its levels
Very nice trail to walk with the kids

Great trail and workout but difficult to find the trail at times and it isn’t well maintained. Bring the app and you will be fine.

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