Didn't have cash on hand to pay the entrance fee ($6 no debit or credit cards accepted) so I had to find a nearby ATM. Fine walk though.

Date: 1/4/2017 Nice Hike

Enjoyable with company. Shaded and very calming.

road biking
7 months ago

Nice paved loop trail around the perimeter of the park, passing though some light forested areas, some open areas and by the water. Trail features a couple bridges and wildlife; we saw a doe standing along the trail. There is also a fishing pier, playground and dog beach available. Great location for a family outing, picnic and having fun with Fido. The park also has a bike club where after you log 360 miles of riding, you can earn a patch from the Park information center. There is a small fee for entry (free for veterans with ID) and ample parking.

Nice walking trail - very easy and has wooded areas in addition to water views. Best for dog owners because at the end of the trail there is a small dog beach that is usually not very crowded. Important to know that the dog beach is slightly fenced off but not contained like a dog park.

Great morning walk/hike on the perimeter trail, lots of wildlife to see.

11 months ago

always a nice walk!

Walked dog 3 miles and played at the dog beach. Dog loved it. I loved it.

Pretty good although not spectacular. It'd be great if you had a dog. Also good for fitness.

Very nice park, easy hiking with lots of picnic tables and pavilions, playground for kids, etc.

Amazing. Great relaxing walk.

Very nice maintained paved trail with moderate traffic. Trail is very dog friendly and even has a outdoor gym south of ranger station with dumb bells and whatever you need to get a quick pump in while out hiking. Beautiful views of the water. Great place for a leisure walk with family. Not very challenging if that's what your going for...

I consider this more of a easy walking trail vice Hike. Very nice for a picnic with a beautiful view of the Bay.

3 years ago