The constant view of homes and parts of the park activity areas take away from a real chance to detach. However the sound of flowing water drowns out any city noise on certain parts of the trail. Also everyone had large dogs, so if you have an untrained pet forget about it.

possibly my favorite trail. close to the city, easy to do if you just need a quick hike.

I've been here many times, but today is the first time I've ventured off the blue trail. Yellow trail has been cleaned up since last person said there were downed trees blocking it, and we were able to complete the entire loop. Beautiful, and surprisingly not many people there for how nice of a day it was.

4 months ago

nice trail. good variety of scenery.

4 months ago

Great park. Wear good shoes to get traction crossing the stream on the rocks. A few different trails to take, many of which have a few pretty steep parts, but not necessary to go down them. great for all ages, nothing too difficult and pretty scenery.

Good trail with varying degrees of difficulty, easily followed. The yellow trail seems to be blocked by fallen trees down by the stream. We had to back track and go around, unable to complete the loop.

Worst trail I've ever hiked. The trail was indistinguishable, and the markings were hard to find.

6 months ago

I love it

loved it!

on Double Rock Park Trail

9 months ago

Good trail. Pretty stream. Pretty well maintained. Great parking.

Great hike for the dogs! Relatively easy trail with a few stream crossings.