Gorgeous gardens and amazing colors and details

great hiking and trees

3 months ago

Good for a quick walk outdoors to escape the city. At some points you can hear the traffic from Northern Parkway but it's easy to ignore.

A quick drive away with parking for anyone in and around Baltimore. This is a great spot for anyone interested in a quick fun trail within Baltimore. The arboretum has some beautiful and interesting tree specimens, multiple mushroom sitings, birds, deer, this place was well kept - so great!

6 months ago

Great for a 30 min quick stroll with your dog around the perimeter. Narrow, woody trail.

Very easy trail in the city of Baltimore. Clean. Beautiful autumn trees.Nice to escape from the city although you can still hear the noise from streets surrounding the park.

Pretty, scenic and quiet despite being in the city. Who knew this pretty little gem was even here?

pretty place near the city

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