Cunningham Falls State Park is located in the picturesque Catoctin Mountains. It is divided into two separate but unique areas. The William Houck Area located three miles west of Thurmont on Route 77 has the lake area, falls and camping area. The Manor Area off Route 15 three miles south of Thurmont has the Scales and Tales Aviary, camping and the historic Catoctin Iron Furnace. Outdoor activity is everywhere at Cunningham Falls State Park. Leisure opportunities like swimming, hiking, fishing and canoeing are available. For those who wish to get away for either a night or longer there are campsites and camper cabins available for rental from April through October. The staff and volunteers at Cunningham Falls State Park strive to make your visit a pleasant one. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

so I've only been hiking since March 2018. I did Bob's hill only from the William houck parking lot.

It's about 1.8 miles straight up! being a beginner this was a tough trail. for 9 tenths of the mile you go up up up and when you get to almost a mile it levels out for a second then you climb for about 2 tenths of a mile more til your legs wanna fall off and it levels out for a bit. how ever your still on an incline. when you get to the last 2 tenths of a mile it's straight up again.

bring plenty if water and perhaps a protein bar.

When you reach Bob's hill you can go left or right to see the views which make this climb well worth the struggle.

two things...i did come across a snake on the south side. almost stepped on it! could of been a corn snake or copperhead. I didn't wanna find out.

secondly take care coming down if you don't continue to cat rock. with all the rain the trail is very slippery and I slid down the log timber "steps" at the beginning of the decent and got a nice bruise not only on my back but my ego as well.

someone advised me to take a walking stick. it helps if you come across a snake. I was the only one on this trail.

only did 8 miles to Bob's hill and back . nice hike with doggos

1 month ago

ez pz

first time hiker. Bob's hill was tough but pretty proud that I did it. won't be my last trip

Great hike. Nice views from Bob's Hill

Was 100% worth my time. You’re going to be hiking up at a steep angle immediately, which I appreciate. It also gets moderately wet on the way up. Cat Rock is fun to climb and Bob’s Hill has two amazing views.

The cliff trail is rated moderate but it’s really more easy- moderate. I highly recommend doing the cliff trail to the falls. Nice rocks for bouldering as well.

2 months ago

Great hike.

The falls were a disappointment, and it was difficult to get a good view anyway because there were railings preventing you from getting close.

First attended the Maple Syrup Festival at Cunningham Falls State Park, then I hiked this trail. There were nice views of the waterfalls. This was a very nice hike.

My second hike today and I got different view of the frozen waterfall

Hiked this 11 mile long out-and-back trek a week before Christmas, starting from the Manor Area Visitor Center, covering both the blue trail and the yellow trail. The yellow trail between the two Bob’s Hill Overlooks and Cat Rock was very quiet. I only saw a handful of other hikers on the two uphill sections of this hike. The sunken trail leading up to Bob’s Hill was covered with fallen leaves at this time of the year. Careful with this section, particularly if you hike down this section as lose rocks may be hidden beneath leave piles.

It took me 5 hours to complete the hike, taking many stops for overlook views and for snacks along the way.

If you agree that the nearby Catoctin Mountain Extended Loop Trail (8.6 miles) should be rated as hard, then I think this Cat Rock/Bob’s Hill Out-and-back hike should also be rated as hard.

brought my min-pin this time, he had a blast

Short and easy hike.

Very easy for people who are new at hiking or can’t go very far distances. The hike led to a scenic waterfall. Good for families and small children. To get back to the parking lot you could take a different route called Cliffs Trail and my family and I took that route. Cliffs trail was a bit bumpy and it was quite and incline but it was still great for us!

The trail wasn't exactly the easiest to find from the lake parking lot, but I just followed the people. The restrooms were near the trail entrance. Once on the trail, it was well marked, and little steep at times. Not sure I would have listed it as easy. It certainly was not flat. It's a 1/2mile to the waterfall. There is a deck overlook, however trees were blocking the actual view of the falls from the designated lookout spot. I think maybe because of the time of year, the waterfall was more of a trickle. I made my way back, retracing my steps and then spent some time walking near the lake. The parking lot for the lake and trails is plentiful.

short an easy with 4 year old. nice water fall at the end with lots of rocks to climb around on

Be extremely careful of the Copperhead snakes that sunbath and hang out in the cracks of the giant rocks at Bob's Hill overlook. Our group were mere inches from a decent sized copperhead and it was well camouflaged.

This trail was a perfect family hike. Our 2.5 year old was able to hike by himself and we pushed our 8 mo old in our BOB stroller. This is a stroller friendly hike for those looking for one.

The trail was a bit shorter than I'd expected. The view was beautiful however there wasn't too far to venture in this location.

Nice hike with a wonderful kooking waterfall at the end.Enjoyable!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Beautiful. So many fellow tourists at the falls. Wish the falls looked the way they did when I was a kid....very limited access now with all of the bridges/boardwalks to keep people out. But I guess they have to protect this place. We hiked the cliff trail to the falls and the lower trail on the way back...why isn't the cliff trail on the trail list? Just curious.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Great trail! We did the Upper and Lower trails and they were both extremely enjoyable. We went off the beaten path to go and explore the waterfall more closely. There is a trail leading off that will lead you directly to the waterfall itself. We went at the beginning of May and it was pretty empty which was extremely nice!

encountered a giant, fat rattlesnake as we were returning back down rocks. Posted a pic....I don't think I will climb on rocks again.

Monday, May 01, 2017

stopped on a roadtrip home from Florida - was fun / easy to do and had some cool things to see! waterfall was nice (beware of rattlesnakes!!)

Friday, April 28, 2017

lovely scenery, fun basic bouldering, nice new boardwalk to preserve and conserve the stream at the base of the falls

Awesome, been coming here since I was a kid. Beautiful views at the top. Awesome boulders and stoney path. Can be slippery if wet.

fun trail that offers great scenery and some good photo ops.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

On the easier side of moderate. The falls come up fast; the rest of the hike doesn't have a clear destination unless you're satisfied with already having seen the falls in the first half mile, which is the easiest part of the hike.

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