184.5 Miles of Adventure! Preserving America's early transportation history, the C&O Canal began as a dream of passage to Western wealth. Operating for nearly 100 years the canal was a lifeline for communities along the Potomac River as coal, lumber and agricultural products floated down the waterway to market. Today it endures as a pathway for discovering historical, natural and recreational treasures! Open during daylight hours year round.

View of the Potomac River at the midpoint is great. Paw Paw Tunnel is fascinating to see at both ends. Can climb the hill trail then return to start by going through the tunnel. (Not currently-- park work keeps you from entering far side of tunnel) Flashlight or headlamp recommended for tunnel.

Nice for a wooded walk with my dog. Saw a Great Blue Heron. Pretty path rich with Civil War history. Alot of bicycles.

4 months ago

Very cool. I only walked through the tunnel and part of the trail that went over the tunnel.

Great hike.

My go-to hike for times it's just the dog and me. Not very busy, nice views. Spectacular sunsets over the Potomac.

were starting moundboulder loop and end at spruce pine hollow park 10 or ore miles.Beautiful view on way past Eagles nest.Stop on the big rocks and take note view,Before heading on up blue trail towards pine hollow,park a car at Boulder loop and another at spruce pine,Nice view of water and mountains.

This was a fun bike ride with the kids. The tunnel was long and dark. Very different than my usual hikes. As far as all hikes I've done I'd give it 2 stars but for Mid East coast it's a 4.

7 months ago

We were here over the winter after the big rock slide on the north side of the tunnel. Not surprised itis closed for a while this year (2017)

7 months ago

My husband and I took our grandson here for a fun hike through the tunnel only to find that there was a sign partway there that restricted access to "Authorized Personnel" only. We could not even see the tunnel. We took the detour hike which took us over the tunnel and down the other side but we gained nothing more than a pretty view at the top. A very disappointing day for us all.
Apparently work is being done on the opposite end of the tunnel to prevent rock slides.
Let's hope it is opened on time and we can try again.

easy.top of hill make left will take u up 2 powerline.nice view.keep going till end of trails will see trail marker third mountain,there is a stone Rd not sure where 2 .that is 9 mile or less roundtrip,we went the other way also another day.to find coal.we did and we hiked to sleepy Creek lake.nice 2 do on hot day.and go swimming.that hike was bout 9 or less.u can do in few hrs.some inclines.but nothing bard.

Very easy

9 months ago

first hike of the year, of the decade. hiked over the "Easy" trail. kicked my butt but the scenery was worth it. I'll be back.

9 months ago

love the location

A lot of uphill walking. Pretty and quiet trail! I suggest doing it with a partner.

Super easy walk, but beautiful and a serene place to walk with pups. This time of year is especially beautiful with the trees bursting in their glory, full of massive hues!

Very pretty trail. extremely flat & I'd rate as easy. The tunnel was open today & very impressive.

Great trail, although it looks like the tunnel will be closing for maintenance in the coming weeks. Make sure to double-check the availability before planning your trip!

Newbies beware the first part of the trail is all uphill. We hung a left at the top where it leveled off and it was an easier hike. Enjoy the quiet and fresh air!

mountain biking
11 months ago

In 2000, we rode from Cumberland to this area on the C&O Canal Trail on our bikes. The tunnel was especially tantalizing to the boys, as there was a large black snake in the tunnel; they were absolutely fascinated.

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