mountain biking
1 month ago

love this trail and the trail is actually 7 miles not 6 miles

2 months ago

mountain biking
4 months ago

We biked the Heritage Trail Blue Blazes. I am an advanced bicyclist and my fiancé is a beginner. He followed me and we had few issues! Leaves made it a bit slippery. Felt like longer than 3.5 miles. Wouldn't recommend for children on bicycles.

horseback riding
5 months ago

I went here with a friend and our two dogs. The trail itself is very nice. Just under 7 miles and fairly well marked. When we went it was after some major rains, but none of the trail was flooded. However, I will not be going back. The amount of horse poop on the trail used by both hikers and bikers was like nothing I've ever seen. Horses are also allowed on the trail. You couldn't enjoy the scenery because your eyes had to constantly be on the trail to avoid the giant mounds of horse poop. The dogs were not as good at avoiding it. To put the cherry on the cake, at the entrance to the trail there is a big sign and poop bags about cleaning up your dogs poop. It's almost comical thinking about how concerned the state park folks are about my dogs tiny poop when there are literally buckets of horse poop every 20ft.

9 months ago

The trails are great but remember to wear bug guard and do tick checks. On the orange trail the wetlands area floods over onto the trail. This trail is great for biking, walking and jogging strollers. 7 miles on the orange trail but there is a blue and white trail I haven't explored yet.

10 months ago

1 year ago

The trails here remind me of being in an enchanted forest. Incredibly breath-taking. I would recommend having a partner for safety - this trail is very under utilized and not very well maintained. But if you are searching for a experience that will take you back a 100 years - this is the place. Flat ground very little inclines

on Cedarville Loop Trail

mountain biking
2 years ago