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Catoctin's diverse cultural resources provide several vignettes of our nation's history in one small location. Native Americans quarried rhyolite for the production of lithic tools. A charcoal and iron industry is still visible today, along with smaller industries including farms, sawmills, and an old moonshine still. Historic structures and products of the Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps, along with the site of our nation's first Job Corps Center, are tangible reminders of the capability of vigorous youth programs to strengthen the nation's economic and social fabric. The totality of resources found in Catoctin Mountain Park reflects much of the early fabric of our country. An Historic Resource Study was conducted in March 2000 by Dr. Edmund Werlhe and is available on line for your reference. Catoctin Mountain Park, An Administrative History by Barbara Kirkconnell, February 1988. 578KB, word document. For more information about archeology in Catoctin Mountain Park see http://www.nps.gov/rap/archeology/spotlight_CATO.htm and in the Washington, D.C. area see http://www.nps.gov/rap/.

overlooks are worth the hike

I had the misfortune of doing this in sub-freezing weather, but the counter fortune of it lightly snowing while I was on the hike. This made for some painful moments, an icy beard, beautiful views and a hike that is deeply embedded in my memory. This hike gets a little tougher at the end when you come down as it gets a bit steep, rocky, and tough to keep track of the trail. But a much recommend hike from me. Five star, five star.

Take the high trail for a bit more of a challenge. This also connects to the Catoctin Trail and campground trail.

A little strenuous, but worth the hike to see Wolf Rock & Chimney Rock. Be ready to walk on lots of rocks.

10 days ago

Parked at Thurmont parking lot and hiked with my teen daughter. Middle of the week. Had the trail to ourselves all the way up. Glorious silence. Holy cow do those gnats and skeetoes love me! I'm outta shape so It was challenging for rookie hiker like me. It got rocky and kinda steep on some parts but the feeling of accomplishment when I reached the top! The view made it so worth the climb. Even though it was a bit hazy. Will hike again.

It was a good trail, but very crowded. Nice loop options. Was a good walk. The waterfall was beautiful!

Rocky path, but that just makes it more fun. Beautiful views at Chimney Rock. Wolf Rock has views of the crevices than an expanse, but still an interesting experience. The southeastern part has brief periods that are overgrown. Don't worry, you're still on the trail. Highly recommend.