11 months ago

I agree with Erika Franz; this is a walk and not a hike. It's all paved and mostly flat.

There is nothing left of the Kennedy gardens but a broken sign. It's all weeds. They are still dredging as of July 2012 so you can't go all the way around the lake now. During the first spur I encountered a truck and chipper, another truck with a guy pruning and a mower. Not very relaxing.

Great view and veru relaxing walk

Definitely a walk not a hike! As of the 22nd of May, there is still construction cutting off the path, but going in the other direction there is a fitness walk with various exercises built into the side of the path. Paved path is good for easy cycling, but high speed cyclists will get jammed up or kill someone. We spent 3 hours on it, taking in the wild life and going through the fitness path.

This is a great, easy trial for every one including FIDO. It's one of Columbia's great lake walks. Near the Columbia mall in downtown Columbia.