On July 22, 2009 the Board of Public Works approved the naming of the Choptank River Fishing Piers in honor of Bill Burton, a reporter, writer and fisherman who has for more than 50 years chronicled outdoor opportunities for Maryland citizens. The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park offers a perfect tribute to Bill's life and work - the pier is a destination fishing spot for anglers, and a popular access point for many working families of Maryland - and he was instrumental in preserving the Choptank River Bridge for a fishing pier when the new bridge was constructed. Sadly, less than a month after the renaming Mr. Burton passed at age 82 on August 10, 2009. In a statement issued by Governor O'Malley, he stated "Bill was an iconic figure in Maryland's outdoor history, having chronicled outdoor opportunities for Maryland citizens for the past half-century. The Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park is a small but appropriate tribute to his life's work, and I'm pleased we were able to make the dedication while Bill was still with us." The Choptank River Fishing Piers, now renamed as the Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park, are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The piers are lighted, and the pier is popular because of the variety of fish that can be caught including perch, striped bass, hard heads, sea trout, and catfish. Both sections of the piers are lighted for night fishing from April 1st through December 31st and the Dorchester County side of the pier is open and lighted year round. The pier adjoins Sailwinds Park via the walkway under the bridge.