Arnold Park

16 reviews
5 months ago

No trail head and poorly marked trails. There are a bunch more trails than are mapped. Unfortunately my phone died and I didn’t have a compass but I do fortunately have a good sense of direction so I was able to find where I parked.

That being said, it was really cool knowing I was and could hear some of the urban sprawl that I knew I was surrounded by but totally felt like I was not in the city. There are some old cars and other industrial things in the park but they’ve been there for quiet a long time and are interesting and fun to think of how they got where they were. I will def be going back to explore more!

Also, def not an easy hike. I will wear hiking boots next time and take some water and a compass just in case. Some areas are rutted kind of badly from the mountain bikers and many roots and the elevations can happen quickly all at once.