29 days ago

So glad I found this trail system it was very peaceful. Definitely will come back and try some of the other ones.

2 months ago

Great trails and love how close they are to us. Heads up though...make sure you have the right map. The one we picked up at PF Trailhead behind St. John Vianney was wrong. Found out 6 miles in. Thought we were on the Red Trail,
b/c our map didn't have the Pink Trail on it. Very uncool. If we hadn't found another map that had been dropped on the trail by another hiker (thank you God), we'd have been in trouble. Got a much more vigorous workout than we planned and made it off the trail, just before it got dark. Whew. Close one. Great trails though. Bridge Spur is cool. Learned some lessons...Red (trail) means Red. Pink means pink. If a color is not on your map...don't take that trail. Also, always bring matches to make a fire, in case you get stuck on a trail after dark. Geez...amateurs! :)

Awesome trail. Love the scenery. Not crowded and the hills give an excellent workout. I hike this trail often.

first time at this place and we are excited to return to discover the other trails this place offers. besides seeing one other group in passing, my hubby and I were alone on it. we veered to the right after parking and ended up trying the newer Pink Trail. although we didn't make it to the Raft, we promised to see it using the trails north of the creek. The trails are wide, serene, full of beauty and the elevation differences were quite the workout. it is rated moderate to difficult and that is on point. worth repeating and worth the adventure

Great scenery.

This aside from Calvert cliffs orange trail is the best in this county in my opinion. The ferry crossing trail was challenging and beautiful. Yes there are a few turn offs at the start where a map would be handy. Our lead hiker kept an eye on the map and we were fine. Next time I do this hike I want to have a car at both ends one at the barn down scientist cliffs road and one down double oak in Prince Frederick. There has been some natural planting and landscaping at the start that makes it Disneyesque beautiful and unique to the many hikes in the area but the predominant stunning scenery is all natural.

HEADS UP, this route is a combination of three different trails in ACLT. I run these a lot and have them memorized but I would ABSOLUTELY check the map and take a copy from the little barn by the main parking. There are at least three different trail colors and names you'll need to know.

Other than that I am so happy to see ACLT on here!

10 months ago

Some great trails to hike in Calvert County, MD Located in Southern Maryland. Trails are groomed by volunteers and ever growing. Check the website for the 3 entrances to the trails located through out the county.

11 months ago

Nice hike. Well marked and well maintained. I plan on coming back later in the spring to see everything in foliage. I also hiked the Horse Swamp Trail which is a 3 mile out and back trail that provides you an overlook of the bay.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Date: 8/30/2016 Great hike.

on Parkers Creek Loop

Sunday, April 17, 2016

easy enough hike with some good views

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Never crowded, beautiful forest. But the trail has deteriorated over the years. The path through Horsehead Swamp is closed now, which is a shame because it was a great way to view beaver activity. The board system has fallen into disrepair. This is a part of the trail that is worth saving!

trail running
Friday, November 27, 2015

First time on this trail for a trail run. It was so-so in my opinion.
**Make sure you grab a map at the Parker's Trailhead sign in area (at the barn). The trails ARE well marked, but they do intersect and can be confusing.
Positives: views are awesome, the forest is gorgeous and I DID stay around 170bpm for list of the run. A few decent hills made this a fun run.

Negatives: Being fall, there are leaves coating the trail, so it's both difficult to see the trail AND obstacles. I nearly twisted an ankle on rocks, branches and roots more than a few times.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Parkers Creek loop and Horse Swamp trail are my go to for trail running.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Beautiful forest. The trails are very well marked and maintained. Moderate to challenge hikes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wife and I hiked Turkey trail loop to include Turkey spur the 2nd week of August. A well maintained trail with excellent marking and signs at each trail intersection. A very nice visitor’s parking spot. Note trail head for Turkey trail is just after visitors parking before the barn (you sign in at the barn). You’re quickly engulfed by the woods and most is along Parkers Creek. We hiked mid-week, so trail was full of cobwebs (seemed like every 6 feet) so point person stayed busy. Bugs/Mosquitoes were noticeable. I plan to come back end of October early November. Hopefully that time of the year will let me focus more on the gorgeous scenery

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If you want to get into the forest, away from it all, this is a great trail for you! A beautiful earthen trail in Prince Frederick, Maryland, the 3.8 mile loop is easy-to-moderate with only a few steady inclines. The views at this time of year along the creek are gorgeous with a lot of wildlife activity (heron, osprey, bald eagles, and others) - especially early morning and evening. Take the Turkey Spur to get right up to the waterline, then double back to continue along the loop. Insects will be a challenge during summer months in completely natural lands like ACLT's (no pesticides ever) so be ready with repellent. Another hiker gave 2 stars to this trail but was actually reviewing ACLT's Swamp Trail in a different area which has now been blocked off since the wetlands have overcome the trail. The Parkers Creek Loop is in excellent condition, is well marked and is really, really beautiful! Enjoy! ( Be sure to check out ACLT's all volunteer run farm by the trail head where all produce is donated to local food pantries.)

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