Photos of Witherle Woods Preserve Trails

This trail was much better than I had expected. Something that is not reflected in the All Trails map is all the side trails that go between and around the Main loop. I would highly recommend the “Indian Trail” that connects on two points. If you don’t hit it until right before you get to “Blockhouse point” ( depending which way you came from) then you will circle back to about halfway back but it would still be worth it. Great views “Indian trail” is more like hiking than the main trail which is very wide and easy to hike/walk. “Indian trail” portion has some narrow parts and some steep parts but also great views of ocean. When you get to “Blockhouse point” it’s a small short trail that will lead you out to a bluff. Also when you see a sign saying “lookout”, take that short trail that will have an incline but will take you above the trees and reward you with a great panoramic of the area/ocean. My photos are not just meant to show the views but also the trails so people can make informed decisions. All voting members of our family voted on stars which came out to an average of 3.5. We round up or down so 4 stars.

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