4 months ago

Beautiful trail. Very easy trail, hiked it with a 2 year old.

This trail is well maintained and an easy hike for adults and kids. Wide and easy to follow. The waterfall is always fun to go see and you don’t have to go far in to get there.

Very very easy and very busy trail. Great if taking children and strollers lots of kids even on bikes. You can hear road traffic the whole hike so not peaceful. Great for pictures of the falls.

nice uphill hike, interesting smell like horseradish.. I wasn't even hungry so... very pretty spots to explore and spend some time.

Easy trail, great spot to hike with kids. Very beautiful during autumn. Pretty waterfalls and streams in the spring and after heavy rains.

great place to explore. easy trail.

I wish there maps or trail markers, but it was beautiful.

Very short loop walk, scenic and peaceful. Kid and dog friendly.

We love hobbit land. Very peaceful and beautiful. The bridges are magical

One of my favorite walks to take my dogs on, love the stream

I don't believe better footing can be found anywhere else in this area. Great hike.

just a walk in the woods. buggy and pretty. nice streams

Fun walk with the dogs.

Nice little walk in the woods

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Easy hike with awesome stone bridges and a stream.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

It is a very easy walk through the woods. Beautiful water, lovely stone bridges. But.... the trails are not marked. it is pretty much a loop, but there are off shoots. My intention was to do the loop. When I came up on a couple and asked how the hike was they way they just came, they said it was a dead end and asked me how to get back to the parking area. I told them the way I had just come through. I then continued on my loop and a 3 generational group came walking towards me. The child was in panic mode and said they were lost! I told him he wasn't lost but on an adventure! The small group was about to go the wrong way when a third group arrived and said they needed to go down the other path to get back to the high school. I do hope they put signs up "you are here".


Sunday, September 03, 2017

I would've enjoyed this more had I not had an image of "hobbit land" in my head. It was simply a stone bridge with some small falls that made up the hobbit land idea. Mind you it was beautiful, just not necessarily worth the travel time it took for us to get there. We did find some fairy houses along the way with were pretty fun to see!

We took about an hour and a half to search out Hobbit homes (fairy houses) and take a break next to the dam and cascade, nice relaxing hike, you will meet lots of folks on this hike...

Should be rated as easy. There are some cool bridges here and I like the history, but you never fully lose the sound of traffic. The trails are not marked so venturing from the main trails isn't recommended.

Nice, easy loop without many roots and rocks. The stream trails that branch off the loop were more difficult but also more fun! The brook offers plenty of places to break off from the trail and play in the water. My dog loved it!

Cute quick trail

Great for trail running.

Nice little trail with a big climbing tree in a field and a cute waterfall to splash around in. Wicked easy for sure.

Its an easy nice trail.

Beautiful and peaceful place.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

This little hiking area is beautiful! Highly recommended if in the area!

Great flat walk to a cute stone bridge next to a beautiful waterfall. This place offers multiple open trails but none of which are marked. You won't (*shouldn't) get lost as the trails all circle and lead back to parking.

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