Wells Reserve & Laudholm Trust These two organizations are tightly linked, but each has its own role. In short, the Wells Reserve focuses on research, education, and stewardship, while Laudholm Trust focuses on fundraising and community building. Both organizations are committed to the evolution of the Wells Reserve at Laudholm as a center for the protection of coastal environments. Every National Estuarine Research Reserve site across the country requires local funding to match federal grants from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Laudholm Trust provides this match by contributing private funds and in-kind services to support Wells Reserve operations and capital improvements. Wells Reserve Roles The Wells Reserve is responsible for the upkeep and improvement of the farm buildings and campus grounds, the trails and boardwalks, the Maine Coastal Ecology Center, the Forest Learning Shelter, and the Alheim Commons. The Wells Reserve manages the woodlands and wetlands, the dunes and grasslands, the flora and fauna. The Wells Reserve operates programs in coastal research and monitoring, environmental learning and decision-maker training, and land and water resource management. Laudholm Trust Roles The work of the Wells Reserve and the care of its precious site are made possible by Laudholm Trust. Laudholm is responsible for building a community that provides the funds to match federal grants to the Wells Reserve. Laudholm Trust supports Wells Reserve for programs and services, with funds raised through the charitable contributions of members, plus site-rental fees, sponsorships, special events, and in-kind donations.

Fun walk with lots of birds and beautiful historic old buildings. A great way to spend an early spring day.

good winter trail with micro spikes for the compacted trail ice. forest, fields, rivers, and beach. was alot of fun and easy walking.

Very relaxing Trail. Beautiful views. Very easy hike. Did it with my better half and some friends.

Great hike. $5 per person but well worth it. You may want to pack a picnic lunch to have on the grounds after your hike.

Nice, easy little hike but the mosquitoes were terrible! Make sure you bring bug spray if you opt for this loop.


an amazing visit! great staff, very friendly, engaging and interactive with children. this place deserves great donations!! not many places like this for families that combine education with outdoor fun.
great place!!!!!

This was so gorgeous, and serine. Lovely walking trails and awesome environment

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Great place to spend the day. Beautiful walking trails with amazing views. The beach is fantastic.

Great beach and boardwalk trail! Bring a picnic lunch.

Nice walking trails.

Beautiful, and very well-preserved and maintained. Small admission fee. Easy, easy hiking. Lovely property. Beach, pastures, wooded, marsh. Will come again and spend some time at the beach.

We did a mixture of trails that took us along the outer perimeter of the farm. This was about 3.8 miles. The trails were marked with education posting regarding the plants and animals surrounding each sub-ecosystem in the park from forest, salt water marsh, ocean and ponds. Make sure you bring bug spray.

Beautiful area but come armed with bug spray in late summer. Very buggy on some paths near the estuaries (and I'm from Miami). Also gate attendant warned about deer ticks. Again, bringing bug repellant will allow you to enjoy this pristine area. As a previous reviewer mentioned, there are 7 miles of trails.

One of my favorite local spots to go for a walk. The entire trail system is closer to seven miles in length going from fields to estuary, woods and even connects directly to Wells beach.

Laudholm Farm is a wonderful little getaway along the otherwise busy and crowded Southern Maine coast. It offers nice views and a very interesting boardwalk trail through a coastal estuary. There are also trials along the edges of a number of pastures and through a costal forest of what was once a large working farm. You can spend a couple of hours or a whole day exploring the areas in the estuary or farm fields and see Deer and countless shore birds. The trails vary in length from a mile or so to 3+ if you do several of them in one visit, all are easy.

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