mountain biking
29 days ago

Good place to take the family, lots of little spur trials that go to dead ends but fun none the less. Good chance to see wild life, we were surprised not one but two pairs of falcons at the end of a 1/2 mile or so dead end. Easy to put on 5-10 miles

1 month ago

This is an easy walk, flat and fairly smooth. Lots of “spurs” to add to the mileage. Be warned there is no shade so a sunny day can be pretty hot. Lots of blackberry bushes and a couple of streams. I think it would make for a great bike trail as well and look forward to trying it. Also would be good for cross country skiing in winter. (Goes without saying it is closed to cars).

2 months ago

This is a subdivision that was never built, except for the roads. So it’s wide and smooth but no shade. There are also several out and back branches off this, some over two miles long.