Two of my Pomeranians and I hiked the Carter Meadow Loop off of County Road. Nice hike, the trail is a work in progress--I hope! I was lost a bit at least twice, and at the end, we definitely ended up in someone's backyard.

The observation point is great! Totally worth it.

Definitely be sure to wear a bottle of bug spray, and if possible, bring a quart of blood for the transfusion you'll need when the Mosquitos are done with ya.

The trail is very wet-- so wear boots.

Well first let me say this, this is a big area to see, and so maybe we didn't go to the right spot. We went off of Carter Meadow Rd. off the County Rd. Which is the map that is given when you go to First: no place to park, Second: trails/road is unkempt. We didn't even get 1/4 way through the hike when we turned around. Maybe there are some better spots to go, but this isn't it.

Friday, April 21, 2017