Very nice easy trails. Great for families or lone walkers. The improved roads are the easiest. The improved trails are very good but narrower with stumps and rocks sticking up. The unimproved trails are awesome if you want to be in the woods but they are rougher and more hilly. If going in hunting season blaze orange is a good idea as this boarders many other hunting areas. There are other trail systems that link in so you can go all day. Met walkers and bikers. Very nice to have so close to town but still be able to be alone in the woods. Saw lots of birds, squirrels and chipmunks. Word of caution with dogs, there are a lot of porcupines in the area so be aware about them getting quilled.

Great trail system that's well maintained! the trails are flat with the occasional small hill so this is great for families with young children.

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so we'll marked and easy to follow. beautiful trees and side trails.

One of my absolute favorite things in Bangor, Maine. This is the road-less-traveled in the City Forest, where only the bravest seem to venture. Clocking in at 3.8 miles round trip, this trail is great for bikers, runners and cross-country skiiers alike. Unlike the Main Loop Trail which is a gravel path, this one isn't the best for strollers (not impossible, but it's not as flat).

Was in town waiting for a flight. Trail was so great I did it twice. Very pretty. Felt very safe due to activity on the trail.

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Good for beginners!

Nice MTB trails along the main trail! Beginner/intermediate.

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