A short drive from one of Maine's major urban areas, Lewiston and Auburn, Range Ponds State Park welcomes visitors who enjoy the wide sandy beach as they swim, picnic and play. Most activity centers on the waterfront which is easily accessible because of the smooth, surfaced promenade that parallels the pond for 1000 feet immediately next to the beach. Watersports are popular activities; small boats, canoes, kayaks and windsurf boards dot the horizon. A public boat launch site is located at the end of the beach and is limited to 10 horsepower motors. Leisurely walks are a must on the two-miles of easy trails comprised of old logging roads and railroad beds. A new group shelter, playground, and handicap accessible enhancements have been completed. (back to top)

Followed the Maine Mountain Guide, page127, and Fifty Hikes in Southern Maine, page 24. Their directions are right on. Arrived at Mountain trailhead and left car for the hike at 1:15 p.m. Trail head is near brook. Lots of people this day, including kids. Arrived at the top at 1:45 p.m. and had many places to lay around and admire the view from all four sides of the peak. Easy to get away from other people. Given expanse of open area, this mountain would be great for skiing. My watch said the altitude was 1840 ft. at the summit, but guides say 1770 ft (off by a mere 70 ft.). Climb and decent using the same trail. Flat and wet rock, slippery and moderately steep mid-trek to the top. Views of Fall color were outstanding for such an easy hike up.

2 months ago

Great for trail running!

Well marked series of loops with mild ups and downs. Not too many roots or rocks. Signs indicate where mountain bikes are not allowed so be watchful for these signs when biking.

great hike, done many times. can get slippery if rocks are wet. But the view is worth it.

One of my favorites. Gorgeous in the fall

3 months ago

Short hike but fairly steep, good for taking your kids up and enjoy a nice view.

4 months ago

Have hiked this trail 30 times over the last 15 years. Get up early and it cool and much fewer people ( most of my hikes here have been in July or August).

That's a lot of exposure! Very steep in spots. I'm glad it was mostly dry or it seems like it could have been really dangerous.

5 months ago

6 months ago

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