A DYNAMIC AND CHANGING LANDSCAPE - Sand movement and beach dynamics have had a dramatic effect on Popham Beach, causing extreme shoreline change and dune erosion. Please refer to the BEACH ADVISORY CALENDAR to plan your next visit to Popham Beach State Park. Dates listing a Beach Advisory have a high tide during peak hours resulting in very little beach space during busy times. Bordering the south side of the mouth of the Kennebec River, Popham Beach State Park is truly one of Maine's rare geologic landforms that features a long stretch of sand beach. Sunbathers relaxing on Popham's sands can see Fox and Wood islands offshore, and the Kennebec and Morse rivers border each end of the beach. Visitors can walk to Fox Island at low tide, but are warned to pay attention to the rising tides not to get marooned. The rolling Atlantic surf draws thousands of swimmers and surfers alike, and shell collecting is a pasttime of many a sea side stroller. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months, but beachgoers should note that this is a strong surf beach with undertows and occasional rip tides. Swimmers should swim within their abilities and near the lifeguard. Call the Popham Beach State Park's Hotline during the summer for current tide and parking information: (207) 389-9125. Surfers can visit www.maineharbors.com for tide information and should add 9 minutes to the Portland chart for Popham Beach high and low tide data. Popham's cultural and social history is still being uncovered. Excavations of the Popham settlement of 1607 and Fort George continue each summer.

was very difficult to find, the trail sign should be up by the road. not set back..
but it was beautiful. my dogs had a blast

5 days ago

This mostly gravel and paved trail is a fun 1/4 day hike. Be sure to bring bug repellent or long sleeves. There can be mosquitoes some days, notably at the beginning of the trail. Seawall Beach at the end, during low tide, is amazing and expansive. That's why my map looks like I'm walking in the ocean.

Pro tip: plan on arriving before 10am if you want to be able to guarantee a place to park and enter. Once the lot is full, the park attendant will have to ask you to leave and come back later or on another day to try your luck. I think the lot holds 20-30 cars at most. If you meet Don, he's like a young Jack Nicholson.

If you're looking for a quick 1/4 day hike it is great! Little disappointing that you cannot get to the true summit or Morse Mountain secondary to private homes but still a good view and private beach to descend to.

Employee at the parking lot turned us away, extremely rude, saying that the lot was full, and then I happened to overhear him saying to the car behind us that he saw a spot that he could squeeze them into.

4 months ago

From Brunswick at the end of July, we took our first day-trip to Popham State Park, located at the end of the Bath peninsula, by taking a right turn just before crossing the bridge at US-1 onto 209S at Bath. After paying the $5 fee, we surveyed the pristine beach close to low tide. This is the beach where Message in a Bottle was filmed, starring Kevin Costner. We walked along the beach, which was not very crowded. The water was cold and numbed our feet. We waded a ways and noticed that as the tide went out, the rocky island was more accessible. We waded right on across and didn't get wet past our thighs. The water was refreshing, and the rocks were easy to climb (maybe will take water shoes next time as rocks are sharp).

Beautiful views, nice walk.

Easy, nice hike on a dirt road that lets out on a stunning sandy beach. Definitely take the time to do the view point!

Wonderful hike. Great for kids too.

9 months ago

Gorgeous and beautiful, longer beach walk. Totally different scenery at different tides. I was there at high tide so couldn't walk out to the islands, but still amazing and beautiful day. Definitely take time to explore the Fort, as well

10 months ago

Love going when tide is out!!! Fun for all ages! Very well kept also!!!