8 days ago

Went up on the Limington side of the trail with my black lab Layla, the trail is an old road with sections of water runoff and plenty of loose rocks. The flies were thick in sections bring your hat and bug spray this time of year. There are no views along the trail on the way up. The view from the top is average at best, the openings are growing up. Climbing to the top was 55 minutes and down 50 minutes. CAUTION, when we got home, we did a tick check Layla had 4 ticks and I had 2 ticks. I will climb this trail again in the Fall.

Decent hike thats close to my house. interesting cemetaries along the walk. The town overlook was ok. The summit was uneventful with just a small opening to see the view. might be better in a season with less foliage.

1 month ago

I found this a challenging hike for a beginner. I've done it twice, once from the limerick side and the from the limington side. I will definitely do this again.

Our first "official" hike. Beautiful day even though we had to battle the bugs on occasion.

1 month ago

I didn't see any of the cemeteries or other landmarks as in the photos, however I went up from the Limerick side. It was a pleasant hike. Also, the activities list a river but I didn't come to a river...

Starting from route 117, the trail is mild most of the way to the lookout point. After the lookout, it gets steeper heading toward the summit. Great hike and much to look at on the way up- an old cabin (it's boarded up), multiple cemeteries, and an old hunting lodge. Beautiful area! I would definitely hike it again :)

7 months ago

Nice little hike on mostly abandoned road. Some steeps- not bad for this far south in Maine.

Not as easy as it seems if you come from the Limington side but a nice hike.

I hiked the 1.8mi trail from Limington with my 3 kids. 9 and 6yo boys and my 1.5yo daughter. The first .8 mile was a steady incline on even terrain. That had me inspired to finish the final mile, shortly after the 1mi to summit sign the terrain changed to uneven rocks and boulders at a steep incline. My kids and I hike a lot, I'd consider us "experienced" hikers and this was a challenge. Start to finish it took us about 4.5 hours. The first half of it my toddler daughter was on her own two feet so that accounts for time. The view at the top is amazing but limited. The air is clean and light and we put in so much hard work that we were cheering for ourselves from the top! It's an excellent hike but you need good shoes and lots of water! Hope you like our pics!

Fun hike not too strenuous, some views.

Nice trail to walk with a few inclines. Be sure to wear shoes with traction as the pine needles on the rocks can be slippery. Nice hike, good scenery.

went on the hike with my dog and 4yr old. the path was a little confusing to understand... it could have just been me though :-). otherwise it was a beautiful location!

10 months ago

Moderate hike. Did it on a hot August sunday and only saw a couple other people. Did the summit and the overlook which totaled a little over 5 miles. Steady incline. No good views really, but the scenic overlook is better than the summit.