One of my favorite hikes. Easy and kid friendly. The brows are terrific!!

Hiked Ring Trail to Witch Hazel then Blueberry Bluff to Ring Trail back down; easy and enjoyable. It took us about an hour round trip including exploring the Big A trail around the summit.

Great hike, nice views for such a short trip.

Nice little hike. Took Ring trail to Witch Hazel to summit. Mostly very easy and a good hike for kids. View from the top is terrific with good visual aid to help identify directions and points of interest. Lots of roots and rocks so a little rough for anyone with any walking challenges.

First time going, theres a couple different parking spots with trail heads, but we chose to park at the lot at the bottom of Mt. Agamenticus look out [I believe you can drive to the top and park up there as well]. BEWARE of the bathrooms. My friend used the one at the bottom of the hill - No lights and poop all over the seat. Some trails are beginner friendly where others I'd rate moderate. We hiked to all 3 mountains; the first being the one with an actual view [if it's not foggy]. The second has no view but still has a sign labeling it Second Hill [LOTS of ants all over the rocks] and the Third One isn't even marked so we walked right past it [after taking Third Hill trail which actually ended up being a longer way - Easily could of took Ledge trail and been there sooner lol]. By the time we realized we had passed it we already had been hiking over 2.5 hours in the heat and was getting eaten alive by bugs [Yes, we put bug spray on before hand, but must've sweated it off] so we decided not to turn around. We thought we'd take the short way back, but ended up at Old Mountain Road. Used our "Maps" app on our phone to navigate the remaining 1+ mile walk back [on the road] to the car. Took us 3 hours to hike 4.35 miles.

great, nicely maintained trail. The whole area is nice epecially for it's location near the shore. it's worth a visit and if you don't won't to climb to the top you can drive there still with access to all the other trails.

1 month ago

Amazing view at Summitt

trail running
1 month ago

I did a run around the ring trail, goose foot, cedar trail, vulture’s view, back to ring trail. The trails are in good shape and I got a nice workout.

Great to do with keep kids. Saw so many birds at the top.

awesome hike. went straight up vultures perch. then to summit two great woods multiple kinds of terrain, well marked and kept trails. can't wait to do it again

Very easy walk but a nice one. Great park, great view, only moderately buggy on July 9.

trail running
2 months ago

Well marked.

Nice hike through the woods. The view at the top is beautiful. Perfect picnic spot. There is a little nature museum as well that is super kid friendly. Also you can drive to the top as well if you want to start there

Very simple hike/walk, perfect for families and anyone looking to get out and enjoy nature.

Nice easy trail. The view at the summit was lovely. It was extremely buggy at the base, but we hardly noticed as soon as we got going. We also found a few bags of dog poop that were left behind by irresponsible owners. I don't understand how anyone can be so lazy as said bags were only about 20 feet from the parking lot.


I just had an awesome hike with my mutt and when I got back in the car, I found an infestation in her fur! I'm so disappinted, this was a fun hike. I didn't know it was a run down ski resort from the 60s until I read the history up top. As a snowboarder this interested me as we followed what was left of the abandoned lifts.
But seriously I must have picked 20 ticks off my baby...

great trail for a quick hike or for easy trail for kids. several trails to top of Aggie. saw lots of vultures and song birds. story trail along the way was nice and lookout from top if aggie with views of the White Mountains, ocean etc. will definitely do again.

we loved the view and the various options of trails. The young kids had a blast!

Easy hike, fabulous views, especially considering the effort.

I don't believe this trail should be rated as moderate- very easy... but definitely good if you are trying to go for an easy hike with a dog

Nice hike, well marked trail with nice views.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Quick and fun! Beautiful views

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Beautiful and challenging depending upon which trails you choose.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nice area and views, but the trails are very crowded. Perfect for families, There is an education center at the top and refreshments.
Dog owners be aware of the dog police giving tickets to off-leash pets.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nice trail for kids- I'm surprised to see this classified as moderate as it was quite easy. The dogs that we met on the trail seemed to love the trail as well. Great for any age and most abilities.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nice easy trails. Many extra side trails and loops. Great views at the top of the Atlantic and northern mountain chain.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Much more of a woodsy trail than a hike, and likely very good for children. Though not very difficult, the trails are very nice (and well-marked) and there are many different views at the summit.

Pretty steep. Wouldn't be good for dogs. Well marked. With a decent view.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

I would rate this trail as easy but there are a lot of rock and roots on the trail to to mindful of. Be careful as the trail signs are confusing.

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