Mahoosuc is located on the New Hampshire border in central Oxford County. The Mahoosuc Unit and Grafton Notch State Park comprise more than 30,000 acres of rugged mountainous terrain. Scenic vistas from remote mountaintops attract backpackers, while just a short distance from the road streams and waterfalls sculpted by glaciers await walkers and picnickers.

The hardest mile became the mot dangerous mile real fast in the rain. Most be athletic to traverse.

Known as the Hardest Mile or the Funnest Mile on the AT. It will depend upon the attitude of the hiker. The Notch is one of the best miles hiked on my Thru-hike in 2014.

The boulders create quite the challenge. You must be comfortable stepping across boulders between dark chasms for this one! Tough but crazily fun to do. Me and my three friends were in very good shape, and are all pretty athletic, and it was still a challenge. Wouldn't suggest in the snow or rain... Go into the caves on the sides.... Eerily cold and ice even in August. Awesome hike.

2 years ago

Put the poles and sticks away and use those hands!

Get into the woods, enjoy the path along the streams, cross the confluence, and then start climbing up. The first view near the tree line is great and it only gets better once you're on top. Keep going to connect with the AT and pick a peak to stand on top and enjoy.

Some say this is the toughest section of the entire AT. The notch was certainly a handfull. LOL So was Success. I loved Goose Eye. Dream Lake with it's view of Mount Washinton is where I saw a moose. This trail is not for the unconditioned but it is a "must do" for all others.

Great trail, great fun. Done this stretch of the AT twice, this is for the second time around. Saw a moose on the first day near Dryad Falls. Sitting right in front of me and stood up! Found the DC-3 crash site on Mount Success, and had a blast playing around in the notch itself. Info on crash site below.