This city slicker forgot her bug spray and was covered with mosquitoes almost immediately. I turned around after 5 minutes and drove to Hudson to buy some Off. I returned fully shielded from those suckers and enjoyed a quick hike from Gate 1 to the pond via the dirt road and returned via Pond Trail. Stopped at the latrine which was clean and stocked with TP and hand sanitizer. A nice variety of well-marked paved, gravel, and rugged trails. It was a weekday morning and I didn’t see another person. Peaceful and easy to get around.

Great place to go for a hike. Always something cool to see. Don't forget your bug spray!

Love this place. There's always wildlife of some sort. The trails are easy. I used to babysit and the kids loved coming here.

Flat and very quiet. I watched a beaver swimming around for quite awhile along the river. Will be great to snowshoe in winter.

a very relaxing walk. we did not see another person on the trail. easy hike but watch the rocks and roots.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Really nice area, views of the river and some beautiful little spots. Not a strenuous journey by any means. Trails are pretty well marked and maintained. Definitely a nice little place to check out and walk around. It's entirely maintained through volunteers and contributions, a great place to support. I was just saying to myself the other day that I never see Hirundo mentioned anywhere for walking, birding, wildlife viewing, I think maybe even fishing. There is a small store where they sell bird feeders and other things of that nature.

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4 months ago

Tuesday, August 15, 2017