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Breathtaking moss forests. Love this trail all seasons.

Beautiful in December

Fun trail fairly easy with some steeper hills. Lots of roots and unsteady ground. Beautiful views. Great little ferry homes kids and grown ups created all along the path.

Great path ! Took my friend and me around 1h9m. We did stop at the overlooks and take pics . Our average pace was about 18 -20 min/mile - so it could be completed in around 40 minutes! A few things about the trail ; very very rooty! Also it had down poured yesterday and a lot of the trail was still mucky. Neither of these are cons - just information I would personally have liked to know before I hiked so I thought I would share.

Excellent short hike with stunning views of the tidal flats. My wife and I hiked this gem on Friday. We saw seals fishing as the tide retreated. Can be hiked in sneakers like we did but highly recommended a good pair of boots due to the roots and uneven footing.

Beautiful, light filtered, hike in the woods. Great view on the top. If you have your dog off leash, be sure to mind the signs to releash your dog near the top. They are not kidding when they say it’s a sheer 150 ft drop.

Unique, with beautiful views! very short path, but worth the stop for sure.

Beautiful views with a little bit of everything- woods, coastline, river/slough. Exquisite overlook - don’t miss it! Not hard but a very uneven path - if you have ANY balance or mobility issues, bring a walking stick.

Great little walk! Beautiful view from the cliff, even in the fog. My only complaint would be that we came from the opposite direction as most people and there was no warning sign before the cliff drop off... had my dog been off leash at that point he may very well have run right off the 150 foot edge in the fog. This would be a cool spot to swim in a hot day.

A very pleasant hike with a great payoff as the cliff lookout oversees the bluegreen Long Reach, great for a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll.

Also, one thing I'd like to correct is that dogs aren't required to be on leash here, just under control of their owners (by voice, collar, leash, etc.) so this is a great trail to bring your pups with you as well. I would recommend leashing them around the cliffs however, it truly is a cliff, not a steep embankment, so be extra careful at the lookouts!

Well marked. Can smell both ocean and pine. Good for families but must pick up ones feet as several sections have many exposed roots.

Definitely more miles then stated above, but a fun walk. Beautiful water views.

I can’t believe I lived here 18 years and never hiked this trail! It’s absolutely lovely! The trailhead is located behind the town office. As you look to the woods the trailhead will be to your left. There are two options to get to the granite summit: a white path is 2.5 miles and the yellow path which is 1.5 miles. The beginning of the trail is for both even though it’s marked white. A little walk in and the trail separates. I took the longer trail. The view from the cliff was lovely as you can see the bay. I would suggest you check the tide chart. Going 2 hours either side of high tide with give you a nice view of the tidal basin. The cliff is not a misnomer - it is a sheer drop off so be cautious with risky and impulsive children and pets. It’s an enjoyable way to spend a few hours of the day. Enjoy!

Great trail to hike! Offered some nice views of the ocean and had easy to follow markers. The fairy houses were fun to look for!

Great hike. I agree with the moderate rating. Nice views and plenty of parking at the town hall

4 months ago

Beautiful, easy and peaceful stroll.

Excellent short hike with good views

Good trail beautiful views. I love the fairy house!!

5 months ago

Gorgeous views, a real stopper.
You can park your car nearby and just walk out and get some great views which is nice for people who can’t walk very far. . It’s also a lovely walk along the coast- might be a bit rough for seniors or families with very little children.

Not a very interesting walk. Mostly through the woods. Views are mostly of tidal basins.
Not very special, especially disappointing for friends were visiting from out of town and wanted to see a little more of the coast on their hike.

Very sweet trail. Simple but has some climbs and nice views. Perfect for a semi beginner

Nice trail. We’ve done it a few times. Some people build fairy houses in this part of Harpswell. There are many fairy houses along the trail. There are some slippery places along the trail at the tops of the cliffs. Be careful near the edges.

Really nice trail with a good layout. Make sure you take insect repellent for the mosquitoes and deer flies. Beware of the ticks.

nature trips
6 months ago

Beautiful views! Small rock path, and very easy to follow. It was a perfect location for our little one, and very safe. All 3 of us had a blast. Very popular little walk and ran across a lot of dog walkers, so the area is very dog friendly. Parking was slightly confusing if you’ve never been but definitely worth the confusion. Highly recommend for a short but fun adventure

Very well marked trail. Very scenic from the lookouts. Waterfall was dried up...I will have to go again in the spring. Path is covered in tree roots so definitely wear your hiking shoes.

Amazingly beautiful and well-kept trail. the New Green Trail loop and the Blue Trail together was fantastic. A wonderful team of volunteers was out here maintaining it on a Saturday. I was in town for a wedding and got a real sense of Eastern Maine on this Trail. The smell of fir trees and intertidal marsh was intoxicating. This is now one of my all-time favorites.

Beautiful views and an easy to moderate hike, though the tree roots really are something to contend with along the entire trail. Not a trail for sneakers. Plenty of parking (behind the Town Hall).

Nice moderate hike. Bug spray needed. Beautiful views from the cliff!

Loved it. Buggy till we got round to the waterside. Stunning views. Great hike for kids, but watch ‘em and pups near the cliffs.

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