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We hiked this today and enjoyed it, however it wasn’t our favorite. There were a few mildly steep parts but nothing too technical or challenging. You’re in very heavily wooded area for most of your hike and because of that you can’t seem to escape the mosquitos. Even on summit we were being eaten alive.

The eyebrow part was less intimating than we expected after reading other reviews and the trail description. Pretty steep in the beginning so you get a good workout in. While we didn’t find anything to be too technically challenging, our heart rates were up for a while because of the steady climb.

There’s not much of a view on summit unless you climb the fire tower. I’m usually pretty nervous about heights but climbed it and am glad I did - the views were breathtaking. Cascade Falls was also quite pretty.

There’s a dead moose toward the bottom so the smell was horrendous but that’s just nature taking its course. If you hike anytime in the near future be sure to leash your dog around that area (they do have signs posted before you reach the moose to warn you).

Overall a decent hike and we’re glad we did it but probably won’t do this one again anytime soon because those pesky mosquitos. Total round trip was 7 1/2 hours, but we take our time.

The views are amazing. There are a few steep/challenging sections but nothing too crazy.

29 days ago

We frequent Puzzle Mtn because of our close proximity to it. It is news to me that dogs must be on leash. I have seen hundreds of dogs on this trail and never on a leash. My own dog knows the trail by heart. In fact you might strangle your dog on some of the ledger sections if it was on leash. Just be sure your dog is well socialized, and is not threatening. A nice trail and great views from the ledges at 2/3rds way up and many great views from the ledges above that. Also Woodsum Loop is well worth it to extend your hike. For backpackers the Grafton Loop is tough but a gem.

nice trail. lightly traveled trail. some blow downs. Could not summit do to slippery wet slabs. Some monorail, stable and unstable. Avoidable mud. Nice views from ledges.

Nice hike through forested path. Lots of stairs following the AT. Did not do the Table Rock loop. Some trees down but work was being done clearing. No view from summit Bald Pate. Did not go to East Peak time did not allow. Would do this hike again as views from top are great. Easy trip down. Some steep sections. Dog did great.

Did a winter hike yesterday before the big nor'eastern came in today. I started at the parking area for old speck/eyebrow and Appalachian trails which is labeled hiking trail parking on the west side of Maine Route 26. Took the Appalachian trail for 3.5 miles, then came to Old Speck trail on the left and followed that .3 miles to summit. (I logged 7.6 miles...not sure why 6.6 miles is listed above) Hike can be steep at times (specially with over a foot of snow) crampons are a must. Some decent over looks during the first section of the hike. Summiting took about 2 hours in the snow. Not great views because the storm had made its way in, however the trees were gorgeous covered in snow.

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Beautiful trail, but not dog friendly! Please don't bring your dogs on this trail.

I did this hike over a year ago, however I really enjoyed it. my son and I did this trail and about a mile of the trail going to the mountain on mothers day. We ran in to ice and snow at that point and had to turn around.

Hiked it on August 26, 1995, and rook 3 hours up and 3 down, at a slow pace with lots of breaks. Tent clearing at top of West Peak. Steep climbing at times, especially on East Peak.

Hiked again on February 27, 2000, with cramp-ons. Drove up 26 North of Sunday River entrance. Parking Lot on left and marked “Hiking Trails’ with a round brown and yellow wooden sign. Trail to Baldpate starts across the street. Followed white blazes. 2.9 miles from parking lot to top of West Peak of Baldpate. Was easy hike with mild incline and fair amount of down hill until the last mile or less, where it got very steep to the summit. Too foggy and cold to justify going to the East Peak, which was another 0.9 miles from West Peak. Started hike at 10:45 a.m. and ended at 3:30 p.m.

Planned on just hiking to The Eyebrow. Got to the top (up Eyebrow Trail), only took us an hour, was only 12:30, and a gorgeous day, so . . . on we go to Old Speck. First, The Eyebrow offers some awesome views in exchange for steep, challenging, but relatively short hiking. So many manicured, man-made stone steps, iron bars, and cable handrails to help with the elevation change that it was almost disappointing. Note that there are several trail branches leading to the edge of the cliff near the top that you should take to get a clear view. There is no open space at the top affording a wide field of vision. Too many trees. Second, the hike from The Eyebrow to Old Speck is long, but due to the early elevation gain, it is largely undulating ridge hiking with gradual elevation gain to 4,300 feet. There are several steep-ish rises along the way, but they are mercifully short. You must climb the ladder to the top of the fire tower at the summit. DO NOT MISS THIS, even if you are fearful of ladders/heights. Third, there is some debate about the AllTrails stats for the hike to Old Speck, and my stats suggest an error by AllTrails. It is not 5.9 miles, but about 6.8 to 7 miles round trip measured from the parking lot to the summit, taking the Eyebrow Trail, then the AT, and coming back down the AT all the way to the lot. Took us 4 hours and 45 minutes, with periodic rests, and time to take in the views at The Eyebrow and Old Speck summit (as well as lunch and two trips up and down the fire tower). It was a long day, and we ran out of water (100 oz me, 72 oz wife) halfway through the trip down to the lot. Well worth the sore muscles and joints the next day, though. reviously hiked this on August 21, 1994 and September 13-14, 1997.

We only hiked to Puzzle Mountain, but the trail and views were amazing!

The trail is 2.1 miles. My wife and I started at 10 and finished it at 2. That should tell one that it was more difficult than we expected. The first half is all up. It includes large rocks, poles with wire rope, the rings of a ladder hammered into rock to help one climb, hand rails to help one to hold on for safety and a metal ladder to continue on up the trail. After getting to the top there are a couple of nice spots to sit and take in the view. The last half is longer as it is not as steep but almost nothing but bolder fields. Make sure you have water and have told someone where you are. An injury could be bad news. Finally a good part of the trail is part of the AT. At 67 I would not do this one again.

I loved it! The whole trail was actually 7.6 miles round trip. Very mossy woods all the way up which was absolutely beautiful. Took us 3 hours to get to the summit. The Old Speck Trail we took was dog friendly with great cooling spots. Starts out steep at first so you get a good cardio in. At the top, I highly recommend you go up the fire tower to get THE best 360* view of Mahoosuc Range. We hiked 7.6 miles in about 7 hours, including an hour at the top. Lots of other things to see around that area as well if you're there for a couple days or a few hours.

Beautiful and somewhat challenging!

great view and trail but beware of technical pieces (iron rungs & rock faces) if you attempt with kids or dogs. nice , enjoyable loop

This is a great trail, well travelled and maintained with a good amount of challenging sections and a great view from the summit.

Great Hike with various environments including water falls, rock falls, and trees. Enjoyed the lookout tower but held onto ladder with white knuckles while going up and down.

Great views of the notch

Great views off to the side towards the top !

Beau hiking, beau point de vue.
Je l'ai fait avec mon chien et il y a plusieurs points
D'eau sur la route. Je suis redescendue par old speck trail. Ça donne une loop d'environ 2h/2h30 max. C'est aussi très peu achalandé. J'ai croisé 3
Personnes en juillet.

11 months ago

The main trail is closer to 7 miles, not 4 or 6, as the description says. It is also not EASY, but it is a relatively short hike compared to other summits. For perspective, I just did a Presidential Traverse the day before. I was moving very quickly on this trail due to an approaching storm, and I was able to complete it in 2hrs50min. Close to the White Mountains, but a different feel. Hemlock trees make for more exposed roots, moss groundcover, and dark green landscape. There is a stream adjacent to the first half of the trail with little waterfall sections. Good for letting my dog cool her feet and legs off.

11 months ago

Took the Eyebrow trail up. Moderate usage on the main trail. Overall, good trail conditions and nice view from the tower on top.

Great views!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

In 2002 we rose early and departed from Brunswick through Topsham and Auburn/Lewiston on 196, taking 121 through Mechanic Falls, and getting onto 26N, onto Norway and South Paris, north on 26 from Bethel, then into Grafton Notch State Park. Wes spotted a real live moose along the way (the only one we saw the whole trip). We first stopped at Screw Auger Falls, which was a nice cascade of waterfalls with a gorge at the bottom resembling an auger bit hole that had been crafted by rushing water over the years. We next entered the “notch”, which is a mountain pass or gap, and parked in the parking lot right in the crux and on the AT. We took the climb to the Eyebrow 2.1M RT on Eyebrow Trail Loop (Orange blazes off white-blazed AT), which would descend via the white blazed AT on our return. The hike was very steep and challenging, seemed much longer than 2.1 miles, had lots of rocks and tree roots, but was cool and quiet. My boys surprisingly did not complain too much. A low cloud cover hampered the views of the mountainside. We rested at the top, had a brief snack, and met a nice couple, who had hiked to the top of Old Speck and spent the night. Afterwards, my family made me vow not to do another exhausting hike like that again, even though we all felt like we had accomplished a major trek. Seems now there are ladders and ropes to help get up the hill - we had only used tree roots. Quite steep and challenging, but rewarding.

Eyebrow is an awesome challenge! Steep the whole way, using ladder rungs and cable to pull yourself up! Dogs can make it, but I wouldn't recommend taking a dog this way! Awesome view!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Took eyebrow up, up to the peak, on the fire tower than down the AT. I hike a lot and thought the eyebrow was a bit of a challenge. I would recommend NOT taking dogs up the eyebrow, it's steep and lots of ladder rungs. But dogs can do great going up the AT trail. It was below freezing at the top and I did it mid October. Any later in year would require warm gear. Took me 2 hours up and 2 hours down. (But I am a pretty quick hiker) awesome view from the fire tower. An awesome 4K footer!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

took eyebrow up and the AT down. found this to be a perfect 4000' hike. lots of variety and a great mix of terrain. we had a perfect day with almost no wind, full foliage and bright sunshine. The tower was very good for 360 views. only saw a few other hikers. found the at section coming down, very steep. I recommend the eyebrow trail going up. Easier, and some really neat things including cables and rungs in the steeper sections. great trail conditions. highly recommend this hike. I have finally realized that there are no easy hikes up a 4k mountain. Always harder than I think it will be, but always well worth the effort.

Monday, October 10, 2016

We did the Eyebrow trail, 2.4 miles in and back. Steep trail...not much relief. But it's a great hike if you're looking for a quick hike with a view!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Did the Eyebrow Trail up, AT back down. Eyebrow is steep with ladders and ropes required at some spots - very well maintained when I went. Awesome views all the way up, thick boreal sub alpine forests from about 2900' up to the summit. Not much trail traffic. First of my Maine 4000'ers, third of the NE 67.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Great hike! Bummed we did it on a cloudy day, the views would have been amazing on a sunny day. It was great to chat with the Appalachian Trail hikers we met along the way, though! Lots of interesting stories.

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