Four Ponds lies just east of Mooselookmeguntic Lake. The Appalachian Trail traverses the length of this 6,000-acre unit with a lean-to at Sabbath Day Pond and a campsite at Little Swift River Pond. Fishing and swimming are popular activities. Winter visitors pass through on snowmobiles on their way from Rangeley to Weld.

should be rated as hard. was beautiful though.

Great trail and amazing views! It was sprinkling and cloudy at the top when I went, but I would definitely go back on a sunnier day. However, I would rate this as difficult due to rocky terrain if doing the loop. Most people I ran across on the trail actually backtrack down instead.

This was my first time at Tumbledown and I absolutely loved it.

This is a fantastic hike but the description should be changed. This is a hard hike. It starts out pretty easy and gets steeper and steeper. At the top there's a cave you have to crawl through. It has ladder rungs and is pretty tight. It would be pretty hard to get a dog through, I managed to get my dog through, but it was definitely a two person job, so if you have a big dog or a dog who can't be calm and trust you, this trail might not be best.

Took Brook Trail on the way up and Parker Ridge on the way down. Parker Ridge was a bit steeper than the former. Beautiful view at the top, and not very crowded along the trails.

My favorite trail

It was a great trail. Good workout for a quick hike

really fun hike with excellent view! some steep parts, and one crawl on metal rungs through a cave/tunnel. beautiful views and lots of variety of terrain. did it solo and had an absolute blast!

Such a beautiful hike with an amazing man!