Four Ponds lies just east of Mooselookmeguntic Lake. The Appalachian Trail traverses the length of this 6,000-acre unit with a lean-to at Sabbath Day Pond and a campsite at Little Swift River Pond. Fishing and swimming are popular activities. Winter visitors pass through on snowmobiles on their way from Rangeley to Weld.

It was a tough hike but very rewarding! I hiked this going up and took Brook Trail going back! The blazes are harder to find once you are in higher elevation so be careful for I went off the path a couple of times! Definitely worth it!

we hiked the loop up, to the pond, And down brook. about half way up we got caught in a shower, and the rocks were slippery. this is definitely a hard trail! Be prepared to do some scrambling, and really pay attention to the blazes, as it could be easy to get off trail (not well marked when you gain some elevation. don't forget a trail map the loop is not an out and back). The chimney isnt too bad once you figure out how to get in. Overall a really great hike. if you're a casual hiker, consider this a good level or two up.

We did the Brook trail. Very steep and strenuous. Out and back a little over 4 miles. Our group ranged from 7 years old to 57 and we all made it. Lovely lake and views at the top.

16 days ago

Fun mountain to climb! Cool exploring on top. Great loop, gives you 2 different perspectives of the mountain.

One of my favorite hikes in Maine. We usually take the loop trail up and the brook trail down. The only problem is at the end you have to hike back to where you parked. Well worth it though. The views from the top are amazing and the pond is very rewarding after a tough hike

loop is HARD!!! However, so worth it. view is great, trail is a workout, and the pond at the top is refreshing.

Excellent day hike. Be advised though, the loop trail is definitely the harder of the 2 trails to the summit. It's also a little hard to follow so watch the blue blazes and be prepared for some steep rock scrambles and a tight fit through the chimney near the top. We took off our packs to squeeze through. The views from the top are amazing and the little pond up there is simply teaming with fish!

I loved loved loved this mountain. As of right now this is my favorite hike to do alone. I only have been here once but everything about this place is perfect.... except for the trail markers. I felt like I was playing iSpy the whole way up Loop Trail. I managed to get off the trail once and that freaked me out but I am here writing this review so I did make it back to the trail :) Loop Trail is definitely a challenging go but it is very doable. The beginning I was thinking this is kind of a joke in terms of being an advanced trail... but the further and further you get into its not for the faint of heart. I was also hiking at a pretty quick pace.
I didn't have a clue about the chimney so luckily a group wasn't too far behind me to help me out with that. I thought I had done my fair share of research about the mountain before tackling it on my own but oh well.

The summit is gorgeous. Next time I will go up to Little Jackson's summit as well. The pond is beautiful and swimmable. Getting off the mountain I took brook trail. Easy way to get down.

I am a happy girl :) definitely recommend this place to everyone

Loved this hike.
I parked at the Brook trail area and hiked up the road to the loop trail.
Ascended via loop trail and descended via brook.
It worked pretty well that way as a solo hike.
Upper section is cool and pretty vertical. Exposed ridge up top is sweet. Everywhere you look you get amazing views of either a very close, neighboring peak, or an even larger one a quarter of a mile away, or the pond, or distant mountains...or sometimes all of them!
I just can't say enough about the views.
The Pond was teeming with small trout, and a quick swim there was rejuvenating.
The descent was somewhat long, but much easier.
The only downside was the huge numbers of people there, but everyone was pretty cool for the most part.

excellent trail. but if you bring a dog up the chimney part of the loop trail be prepared to carry the dog. fantastic hike

unless you have a very small dog the chimney part of the loop trail is not easily navigable by a dog. be prepared to carry the the Lil furry friend.

Was one of the best hikes and most challenging for me. Trail markers get a little thin right before you get to the chimney.. BTW it's a chimney not a cave and almost impossible with big dogs. Will do again when there is less fog.

Started with the loop trail. it was wet out and slippery. We got to where you start getting close to the "chimney" with the rungs inside to climb and we decided to turn around because we weren't feeling good about it but we decided to turn around and go back up when we met a group of people who knew the trail. It's definitely a new experience scaling rocks so vertically and being so close to the edge, but overall very fun. Came down the brook trail which was a cool trail with lots of running water. Definitely would be easier for someone not good with heights or climbing .

An excellent hike on a wonderful day. My wife and I parked at the loop trail parking and hiked up thru the crevice. We hiked slower than others and helped a young hiker up and thru the metal rungs. After a short stop close to the top for a late lunch, we hiked down the brook trail back to the road and hiked back up to our van. overall I would say it was a great hike and would tell others to park at the Brook trailhead and walk up to the loop trailhead, as not having to hike back up the road to the car.

One of the best hikes in Maine. Has a bit of everything- beautiful woods, steep scrambles and a wild finish climbing through a rock crevice/tunnel with the help of steel rungs, then a beautiful small lake at the top for a cold swim if you're game!

Go up the loop trail about 1.2 miles beyond the beginning of the Brook Trail, then come down Brooks. You'll have to walk back on the road to get your car.

The loop trail is very steep in spots so is not good for small children or dogs (very difficult to get them through the last crevice).