Four Ponds lies just east of Mooselookmeguntic Lake. The Appalachian Trail traverses the length of this 6,000-acre unit with a lean-to at Sabbath Day Pond and a campsite at Little Swift River Pond. Fishing and swimming are popular activities. Winter visitors pass through on snowmobiles on their way from Rangeley to Weld.

It was a great trail. Good workout for a quick hike

really fun hike with excellent view! some steep parts, and one crawl on metal rungs through a cave/tunnel. beautiful views and lots of variety of terrain. did it solo and had an absolute blast!

Such a beautiful hike with an amazing man!

Took the brook trail. Diverse trail. Great views. Swimming at the pond at the top is amazing. Dog friendly!

5 months ago

Great bang for your buck. Bring a lunch and a real camera for the top. Stunning views. I would start early in the morning around 8:00 so you can avoid the masses.

The loop trail up and down is fun if you're up for the work out!

Favorite hike in Maine! Challenging but a lot of it you're forced to move slow and pay attention so it goes by quickly. Lake is beautiful. Summit is amazing. Brought two big dogs up and down the brook trail. They did pretty well but had to be lifted several times towards the summit and had very sore feet after. Bring a picnic and a cold beer.

6 months ago

Great hike. Part of it if very steep so be careful and ready to do some serious scrambling!

Awesome hike, lots of steep, semi-technical climbing with an awesome climb up the chimney to the summit. Bring your suit and enjoy a nice cooling dip in the pond nestled just 10-15 minutes below the summit. It says ok for dogs, but I wouldn't recommend the loop unless your dog is small enough to carry.

More like a cross between rock scrambling and Jr mountain climbing. Near the top we were supposed to be able to squeeze through a small cave with iron rungs to climb through the top. When we arrived the cave entrance was frozen solid.

We had already climbed 1.5 miles straightish up and down was going to be really hard. Loop trail recommended going down on different trail.

Happened to arrive at same time as 2 young guys that had done an alternate summit to get around the cave. This meant scaling a rock face and squeezing through a tight rock crevasse/shimminging on our butts with our legs dangling over the side of a sharp drop overlooking the valley.

Meanwhile, 4 more young girls arrived so we all did it together. One of the guys was an EMT and I did a small side trip with the experienced climber to check out a tiny cave with a view to the valley below. He was really a great instructor and very helpful so I felt he comfortable trusting him over this really challenging/ risky spot.

Did it slow and steady with the guys helping all 6 of us girls. It was really such a small distance but it ended up taking us over an hour to get above the cave.

I'm 48 years old and I kicked that mountains ass! I'm going to be really sore the next couple days. I did take a pretty nasty fall, but landed amazingly without any more than a bruised forearm.

What a beautiful reward when you get to the top!!! Just breathtaking!!! A bit challenging but definitely worth it. It was a bit buggy on our way down.

7 months ago

great hike! challenging and rewarding! awesome views, nice streams and the lake at the top is beautiful! one of God’s great creations for sure!

rough hike up with sore knees and ankles but enjoyed camping under the stars by the pond.

7 months ago

The chimney at Fat Mans Misery is not for beginners or dogs! And the boulder scramble right before it is quite treacherous but so satisfying to complete. The view of the pond from the flat top is just gorgeous! So worth the hike. Can't wait to do this with my husband. Jesse dog will have to stay home.

Loop trail was very difficult with 50+ lbs of gear, however the pond and views at the top were well worth it. The brook trail coming down was much easier and more suited for casual hikers. Highly recommended.