Four Ponds lies just east of Mooselookmeguntic Lake. The Appalachian Trail traverses the length of this 6,000-acre unit with a lean-to at Sabbath Day Pond and a campsite at Little Swift River Pond. Fishing and swimming are popular activities. Winter visitors pass through on snowmobiles on their way from Rangeley to Weld.

We parked at end of Morgan road. The trails are well marked and challenging. The pond is a sweet spot to rest and enjoy lunch before taking the brook trail to Byron road. From there we took the connector trail back to where we started.

loop trail not good for dogs unless you can fit them in your pocketbook, we had my 85 lb pup without some help of 3 young guys we would have had to turn around, we all made it awesome day!

21 days ago

Ascending the loop trail is hard work, but I was expecting it to be longer and harder and was a bit disappointed with the hike part. It took me 20 minutes to walk up the gravel road, 1.5 hours to ascend the Loop Trail, and an easy hour to come down the Brook Trail. The pond is absolutely beautiful and I had a refreshing, long, indulgent swim. Would love to come back for the mountaintop pond! There are maps on either trail head if you need one. The Brook Trail is a steady incline, much more accessible for families. If I were to bring my 12 year old, I'd do the Loop Trail again, but with my 7 year old or my dog, I'd go up the Brook Trail.

Hard! Several places to use upper and lower body strength- rocky steep and through a Little Rock cavern with a sort of ladder .. worth it at the top! Feel very accomplished and there pond is amazing as are the views.
Not for dogs! Not for kids! Not for the outta shapers ... sorry.

this is a hike I've done many times, even spent a few nights at the pond. this is a great place. Is difficult in areas. be prepared and watch your step.

Towards the top there is a "chimney" with ladder rings and nearly impossible for pups unless they are small and you can carry them or you have a couple people to help. I have a 70 lb German Shepard and unfortunately didn't do enough research about the trail itself, so we had to turn around. Next time I'll go up the Brook trail but really enjoyed the hike up to that point!

just plain awesome!

We parked at Brook Trail parking lot, then walked up the road to the Loop Trail to start the hike. The Loop trail up was hard, but efficient. There is a narrow "chimney" near the top which was a bit tight with a backpack. The rocks were a bit slippery throughout even though it hadn't rained in a few days. There were wild blueberries at the top (in August) and the lake was chilly, but not ridiculous. Glad we went down Brook Trail as it was much less slippery/steep.

It was a tough hike but very rewarding! I hiked this going up and took Brook Trail going back! The blazes are harder to find once you are in higher elevation so be careful for I went off the path a couple of times! Definitely worth it!

we hiked the loop up, to the pond, And down brook. about half way up we got caught in a shower, and the rocks were slippery. this is definitely a hard trail! Be prepared to do some scrambling, and really pay attention to the blazes, as it could be easy to get off trail (not well marked when you gain some elevation. don't forget a trail map the loop is not an out and back). The chimney isnt too bad once you figure out how to get in. Overall a really great hike. if you're a casual hiker, consider this a good level or two up.

We did the Brook trail. Very steep and strenuous. Out and back a little over 4 miles. Our group ranged from 7 years old to 57 and we all made it. Lovely lake and views at the top.

2 months ago

Fun mountain to climb! Cool exploring on top. Great loop, gives you 2 different perspectives of the mountain.