Great easy walking trail along the ocean. This park is a wonderful place to spend the day.

Beautiful spot. Could have spent the whole day.

Beautiful views, but lots of damage along the trail. There are also a lot of trails and roads in the woods that are great for trail running, which is what I did. The trails range from rocky/dirt along the coastal sections, to soft and spongy in the woods.

My "Maine" issue (lol) is with the locals walking unleashed big dogs. Both times I went out here there where anywhere to one person walking one dog to groups of 3 walking 7- all unleashed- and when you ran along the road- they wouldn't stop them from bothering you.

..and it's always the "sorry..." No, they're not. If these locals were sorry they would follow the rules instead of ignoring all the signs at the gate that say "dog's must be leashed or soon they won't be allowed."

People other than them use the park too. It's a matter of consideration and respect.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great spot for sunset