mountain biking
9 months ago



Great trail with many routes to each side of the preserve, my favorite is the pond trail running along a large grassy field, I built my Eagle Scout project Inside the preserve near stone gate on the western side, a 127' Boardwalk over a stream and swampy terrain, it's nice to walk through and check it out sometimes.

This extensive network of trails connects Belfield Extension with Fort Williams Park through mature growth woods and wetlands that provide a range of trail experiences from easy, level trails to more moderate hilly and narrow trails. Kid and dog friendly

1 year ago

Perfect for long walks and bike riding

3 years ago

Walked from Wainright Field (ample parking, so long as minimal sporting events are taking place!) to Broadway and back in just under an hour waiting for my son's baseball team to warm up. The trail is paved making it perfect for biking or pushing a stroller and winds through some peaceful wooded areas. Would be fantastic for birding. I plan on making the entire trip to Bug Light soon!