8 months ago

5 minutes from home, perfect for getting in a couple hours of hiking or snowshoeing after work. The trails are well marked and easy to follow even at night with a headlamp. A few short new connector trails have been added in the past year, allowing you to meander without having to follow the same loops all the time.

If you're following the Diamond Trail and reach the open grassy area, you can follow Diamond till you hit the grey (snowmobile) trail and get back to the parking area, but in spring-fall it's marshy and in the winter it's packed hard by sleds. Instead, turn left and follow the green (Deer) trail along the treeline, you'll come to a trail map at an opening in the trees with a new bridge just inside the treeline that meets the Hawkes Trail (red.) Follow this to the right to head back toward the southern end of the Diamond Trail (via the Pine Grove Trail) and the parking area. Or for a bit of hills, take the Momentum Trail - it's fun on snowshoes after a fresh dumping!(See the current trail map I posted.)

The bugs are ferocious, especially the deer flies, so make sure to bring insect repellent. The open grassy area is FULL of ticks so long pants treated with permethrin are a good idea.