Awesome hike. Prepare well for it. My buddy and I are both moderately experienced hikers and in good shape, been on 4+ day backpacking trips etc. This loop absolutely kicked our ass. 85 degree July day with no clouds had plenty to do with it. The vertical going up the first peak was basically nonstop rock climbing between boulders and ledges. The theme after that between peaks is you go through some covered areas and then get thrown out on exposed ridge lines for large amounts of time, rock hopping, then finally descend the third peak pretty well covered. They say do it counter clockwise which we did. Views are incredible the whole way. There is no water on the loop besides the lake when you start, so plan accordingly, we took a touch less than would probably be ideal and it made it a bit more difficult. We did it in around 8 hours, they’ll say takes 10. Legend had it that the day before we got there some Maine wild man had done it in 5.5, which to me is crazy. It’s a very doable loop and worth the workout to get from peak to peak, but definitely a difficult one.