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Acadia National Park attracts more than two million visitors each year. With many different facilities and attractions in the park, there is something to interest everyone. Hiking, and Mountain Biking are among the most popular activities in Acadia National Park. There are freshwater, estuary, forest, and intertidal habitats.

a shorter but beautiful hike! the climb wasn't bad for myself, my husband with a bad knee and ankle, and my two dogs, who absolutely loved Maine after this trip. after descending to the cove at low tide it was amazing to explore the nooks and pools that form. We went a little later in the day and so when we got to the cove is was almost dead silent and you felt a little isolated to just take in the beauty of the area. it was so interesting to see the original and old growth section on Acadia that hadn't been touched by the fire all those years ago... instead of the birch and maples that you see on the Bar Harbor side, which is beautiful in the fall... you get to see the deep evergreens and the canopy that envelopes you. this hike is a must for me when I go!

Beautiful views during this hike, especially if you go during autumn. I would highly recommend. Foggy days you can’t see too much when you get high enough, but a neat experience!

9 days ago

Best and most exciting hike I’ve ever done! Loved the challenge - we had our baby strapped to us (she loved it) - hiking up the iron rungs was a lot of fun.. if you’re scared of heights I wouldn’t recommend!

9 days ago

Incredibly beautiful. I got engaged this October on this trail!!! You’re hiking alongside the ocean the entire time and if you take a little detour off of the path you can hop along the rocky coast for an even better adventure.

Gorgeous views! I did this Dec 1st...conditions were sketchy at best. Lots of ice on rocks from recent snow. Navigable but stressful.

Maybe something else was going on with the hike, but that was TOUGH for our 70lb golden retriever. I often lifted her up certain parts, we even had to have a stranger help her up a laddered area about 5 feet tall. It was a wonderful hike, fairly strenuous with lifting the dog around a lot.

One of our favorite trails in Acadia. Views, unique terrain, and solitude combine to make this a stunning and enjoyable hike. I highly recommend

the vast majority of this Trail is a flat gravel Carriage Road. We broke off the trail to the right toward the lake around 2/3 of the way through the loop. The shorts spur took us across a few boardwalks and down to a rock scramble next to the lake. We traveled approximately one mile over numerous large boulders. This added a bit of strenuous hiking to the loop. Overall, a gorgeous walk during Peak fall color.

16 days ago

Wild blueberrys everywhere

Great hike! Not to difficult either. If you do this trail definitely take the short Cadillac Cliffs loop!

17 days ago

Great views and super easy trail! We did this one last due to low morale from beehive and south ridge trail. But it was definitely worth the hike. Perfect for beginners!

Wonderful views on this hike! I would call it rock climbing or bouldering instead! Such a thrill and adrenaline rush being on the edge of a cliff climbing high up. Some of the rocks and iron rungs were icy, so I would not advise this during the end of fall season. Dangerous but worth it! Would definitely do again in the summer time!

We hiked the south ridge trail at 5am to catch the sunrise. The entrance is hidden on the opposite side of the campgrounds. We started hiking up the snowy pine trail and finally reached the top. Absolutely breathtaking views! The rocks on the way up were icy but fairly an easy climb if you’re in decent shape. Wish the cold didn’t zap my battery because we made it to 2,000ft! Beautiful hike! =)

Awesome and scary hike. 100% worth it but not for the faint at heart. We went at around 2pm and the trail was empty which was nice.

Great hike with even better views.

21 days ago

Probably a 2-3* for serious hikers, but a beautiful fall color hike before 'tea and popovers' at the JP House.

21 days ago

Up to the summit and back - thoroughly enjoyed! Good, but not overly challenging, hike for a pair of geezers. One week past the 'peak color season,' and the colors and views were amazing. Perfect setup for a couple of drafts and snacks at a brew-pub back in Bar Harbor.

My favorite of Acadia. A fun trail with the ladders and so beautiful.

Spring trail to Penobscot Mountain was an amazing trail. It was steep, but not terribly challenging. I hiked t to the top of Penobscot, which offered amazing views of Somes Sound and Jordon Pond. After hiking down the intersection of Deer Brook, I was feeling good so I decided to take the trail to Sargent Mountain. It was steep, but it was a lot of fun. There is an alpine lake about halfway up the trail, which you can stop for a swim. The summit of Sargent offered amazing views. On the way back, I took Sargent East Cliffs trail down to Deer Brook again. This trail was steep and very rocky. I decided to go for a challenge and took Jordan Cliff Trail down to Spring Brook. I was glad I did this. It was beautiful and had a steep drop on one side. I would not recommend going down Jordan Cliffs since there were spots where I had to go backwards down ladders. Luckily, I did not run into anyone going down. The entire trip ended up to be over 5 miles and it was worth it. At the end I stopped for Popovers at Jordon Pond house too! :)

I did the Dorr Mountain Ladder trail in August 2018. It wasn't very challenging, but there were many stone steps leading up. The view of Champlain and Cadillac was amazing. There are three ladders on the trail, all in around 0.3 miles of each other. I did not take the loop off Dorr mountain but instead took the Gorge Path to cut over to Cadillac summit, which I would recommend. After, I hiked down North Ridge to the Island Explorer stop at the bottom. It was around 7 miles in total. I would recommend it.

22 days ago

I did the precipice trail in August 2018. It definitely is not an out and back trail, since there are many spots where it is dangerous to pass other people. This was the first trail I did in Acadia this time I went. It would be difficult for someone who is afraid of heights and I would not recommend it for that. I honestly thought it would be more challenging than it was.

23 days ago

A great hike with fantastic views and a fun climb. Just make sure you wear appropriate shoes and follow the instructions at the trail-head and do the hike in a counterclockwise direction, otherwise you end up blocking sections of the trail for people that are going up.
I would stay away if you're afraid of heights but, otherwise, this is a must-do in Acadia!

A great little hike that's definitely worth the effort. Especially the views back toward Beehive across the little bay can be absolutely stunning if the weather is right.

Added the Bowl Trail and part of Beehive to make it a bit more interesting. Nice scenic summits.

24 days ago

Nice and feasible, even in the snow

Quick great hike. The road to this trail it’s close in the winter, you just have to walk extra 0.4 miles to get to the trail head. Beautiful views of the lake and ocean sites of the mountains

My husband and I decided to do this trail after a snow storm. It was icy, challenging and it gets a little tougher on the way down. The views are amazing

27 days ago

I have always enjoyed this trail. A nice hike up along a creek between Dorr Mountain and Cadillac Mountain. You eventually come to and intersection where you can continue down the back side of the gorge Via the A Murray Young path or you can summit Door or Cadillac mountains. Nice trail to hike after there has been some rain so the creek is flowing.

Steep assent with lots of stone steps and a few iron ladders. Nice views along most of the trail.

28 days ago

As AllTrails lists this route as an 'out-and-back' and we summited Chaplains, we thought we could be able to descend via Precipice. After attempting to descend for about 0.2mi, it seemed unwise to continue because of the grade and ice forming over the steep face...let alone going down the iron rungs. While signs warn that this isn't recommend to descend from Chaplains via Precipice, the app's distinction of an 'out-and-back' gives a contrary and potentially dangerous impression.

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