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5 hours ago

Map is not accurate. Trail has been re-routed

This is a great hike that gives you a taste of some rock scrambling that is typical of Acadia hikes yet it is not to long nor a great elevation gain. Recommend good shoes or hiking boots The views are spectacular. We did this before the park loop road opened up so encountered no people. However, due to its popularity, it may be difficult to social distance as crowds return to Acadia.

Great trail, expect to climb on rocks, steep assents, but fun trail. No bugs. Should have beautiful view (it was cloudy when we climbed it)

22 hours ago

Wouldnt consider this a "hike" but the view of the ocean and coastline from the rocks is awesome. great place to spend a little time soaking in the scenery and hear the waves crash!

This is a really great hike in Acadia NP. It's basically like the little brother to the iconic Precipice Trail. Honestly, probably just as memorable. I did this as a warm-up before hitting Precipice back in September 2019

The most epic hike in Acadia NP for sure! Very memorable. Glad to have checked it off the bucket list back in September 2019

From Echo Lake-4 ladders reach the summit. Dry conditions-otherwise could be slick. I will bring my daughter next trip. She’s young, but capable and confident enough to climb and descend the ladders. Great time-beautiful place!

This was my first experience with a vertical hike using iron rung bars for cliff ascension and I was not disappointed! A truly stunning climb with gorgeous views and adventure the whole way up. Not for those who have a severe fear of heights or vertigo. I would highly recommend this to anyone who truly enjoys hiking/climbing (not just trail walking). Definitely go up beehive for the climb and down bowl for the lake visit during descent.

nice trail..well kept..little beach after a mile..great spot for a picnic or swim. if I was to do it again I would turn around and go back the way we came to finish..because the last 1/2 mile is just a road.

Is the trial open ?

Excellent hike with family and dog.

The Little Harbor Brook portion of this trail is incredible. The brook is beautiful and the trail is well maintained. This brook is one of the clearest I have ever seen in Maine. We hiked up to where it connects to the Asticou and Jordan Pond Path. We turned left. That is also an incredible path, possibly one of the most well-made I have ever seen. The fine gravel path is wide enough for two people side by side, and there are full granite steps on inclines. We then took the map house trail and the Charles Savage Trail up and over Eliot Mountain. There is a trail from the map house to the Charles Savage trail, but it was very hard to follow and I wouldn’t recommend it. Simply follow the little dirt road in that direction, and eventually you will see the marker for the Eliot Mountain on your left. Overall a great hike.

Super fun trail, my wife and I hiked it with our 60lb Georgia Brown Dog John Henry. We had a blast the trail is really well marked and has some really fun boulder scrambles along the way. There are also lots of the classic Acadia granite steps along the way. There was one small section John Henry struggled going down, but he made it with some coaching. It clocked in at 3.36 miles for us. We went clockwise, but I think either direction would be just as fun. This is one of my favorite mountain climbs I’ve done in Acadia, and it was lightly traveled today (maybe due to very few ppl being around because of the pandemic).

5 days ago

The climb up the steep, south facing section is exhilarating and the views are amazing all the way up. I would not recommend that section for beginners or those with a strong fear of heights. It's not anything crazy but there are a few tricky spots requiring the use of iron grab bars, including one that you use to swing around a convex rock face. If you have decent balance and good footing you should be OK. If not, you can go up and down the back side and still get the view at the top. This is a beautiful, iconic hike.

5 days ago

We hiked up Dorr ladder south trail first and then came down Dorr south ridge and canon brook. My husband struggles with heights and was able to do this hike easily. They weren’t lying when they said 2,000 stone steps in beginning. I have asthma and the beginning was pretty steep, so I did have to stop frequently on that first part but once we got to the ladders it wasn’t bad. Loved the trail coming down. Beautiful hike well worth the effort because the views are magnificent.

Solid easy to moderate hike. There were fun, challenging, rock-scramble sections but they were mercifully short so I had enough fuel the tank to make a somewhat long loop of it. And I'm not even in that great of shape. As usual the views were spectacular. The weather made it a perfect day - sunny, upper-50s, with a stiff breeze (downright windy at the peaks) to keep the bugs down. Made a loop out of Parkman > Sargent > Penobscot > Cedar Swap > down to Lower Hadlock and back to the car.

6 days ago

This was a super hike done with family. Beautiful, beautiful views. So serene. We came down Razor Back and that proved to be a great decision! Cannot wait to hike it again.

Extremely nice hike and trail. Great views at the top especially with the fire tower

Hands down one of the best hikes I’ve ever done!! If you have a fear of heights, pass. Once in a lifetime type of hike

7 days ago

Very easy hike for someone that’s not in shape. This was my first hike of the season and it was a good way to start off. Beautiful views but not too much work to get there. Highly recommended for the chubby hiker like me

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