The trail is nice and ground is soft. I hiked this trail yesterday 8-18-18. Take bug spray or take advantage of what they have by the entrance to the visitors center. Take a map ,which they provide and pay attention to the trail signs. Very easy trail.

We love this place. We take half day trips to get out of the city and enjoy a quick trail Super convenient to Shreveport. Great for kids. Dog friendly.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

For adults hiking this place is OK. If you're going on an outing for the purpose of learning and getting out with your KIDS I'd give it 4 stars! We've been twice (once for a talk on Louisiana snakes and once to hike & explore) and my kids had a blast.
-snakes, turtles, touch and feel table, insect and nest displays.
-Stage with puppets.
-Wooden toys
-Reading nook w/ benches
Lost of wonderful birds and simple but fun trails.

I had a great time hiking Walter B. Jacobs with my dog, but if you go, beware the mud! It had rained about 36 hours before I visited, and there was mud *everywhere*. And there were clouds of mosquitoes. In case you forget your OFF, though, there's a box full of it attached to the front of the interpretive building. Take advantage! Also, it's spring, and the orb weavers are out. No one had hiked the Caddo Trail in a few days, and there were a lot of webs across the trail. Lots of the signs need some serious TLC. But we had a great time! There's tons of shade, so it'll be a great place to visit in summer when it's hot and hasn't rained in a while. It was a bit of a challenge, but only because it's rainy springtime. Otherwise, it's an easy hike. I'll be going back very soon.

This park just seems really run down to me. The trails are not well marked. Mostly flat short trails. There are some good birds that can be seen in this area though if you like birding. If you are looking for good walking trails and birding I recommend checking out the Red River Wildlife Refuge instead.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

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