Nice, easy trail. A little overgrown in parts but easy to follow. Trail head is accessed through a campground. Two dogs were in our group and they made it fine.

Husband and I took our two boys 9 and 7 on this trail. It is fairly easy. It is grown up in spots but we enjoyed ourselves.

I haven’t been yet so this is not a review of the trail but a review of some of the reviewers.
If you have time to tap a star rating for a review please take the time to jot a few notes as to why you gave the said star rating. Otherwise it means nothing. One persons “1” star is another’s “4” so please...

I enjoy loop trails and lake views. This trail offers both. We saw a deer, found the trail to be well-maintained and marked. It had rained just previously and we were able to walk the trail with no difficulty.

Friday, November 10, 2017

I was thoroughly disappointed with the trail. Poorly maintained and very little to see except when you step away from the lake and deeper into the woods. Not a fan.

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