The trail is just great! It is wild, it is beautiful and it is peaceful. Birds sing along with you all the time. If you want to experience the real nature of hiking, Trail A is your destination. A friendly reminder is that it is 5.6miles long and the first part of the trail is not well marked. It took us about three hrs to complete it (with one meal). Beginners may feel a little bit hard to finish that. Good luck there!

Great trail. Part of the trail is through a creek which made it fun. More hilly than I expected for South Louisiana- which made it a pleasant surprise.

2 months ago

A good trail for a nice, quick outing with the dog. This is a pretty easy trail, but there are a couple of steep descents near the beginning that you should be aware of (the dog wasn't keen on these). We hiked clockwise; I don't imagine that going counterclockwise would be very feasible. It's well marked with orange markers, but these are more sparse during the portion of the hike in the riverbed; just keep following the river for about a mile. The final part of the loop follows the road, which leads back to the trailhead.

The Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area has some of the most unique and challenging hikes you can find in Louisiana. Located just north of St Francisville this area is full of steep ravines, sandy bayous, and lots of interesting wildlife. Trail A is the longest of the three trails here, and the most challenging, due to a section that is not well marked. I don't recommend attempting this trail without a GPS as the trail is not well marked in areas. Overall a great hike!

3 months ago

Great for a day-hike! The first part of the trail follows an old road bed and then takes a sharp right into the woods. You drop down pretty fast into a creek bed that was dry in November. Lots of debris makes getting through this section slow going. Watch for the orange arrow as the trail turns back into the woods. After a good climb you stay fairly level for the rest of the trail. I would rate this trail as moderate due to a few steep descents that may give some hikers trouble.

Unexpected, being from out of state. I would put this trail as easy/moderate. There was a lot of trash and dumping around the park. Very indicative of Louisana. Once you realize that's typical of the people and outdoors, you move on. Someone with age or height problems might need a hiking stick. It's not rock climbing or extreme. Not sure why it's labeled as "hard."

Based on most of the reviews, y'all are all confusing this with "Tunica Falls" AKA Clark Creek which is the one you access by passing Pond Store. Clark Creek is actually a state natural area/park in Mississippi. Tunica Hills WMA is in Louisiana and is the property shown in this map.

6 months ago

Tunica Hills is a great hike! Lots of beautiful trees and a river bed. The only downfall was that parking was hard to find and there weren't any maps of the trails. However, trails were clearly marked as you were walking.

Beautiful trail for the location, and very easy trail which is great for walking with your dog or with your friends. I was honestly amazed to see such hills only an hour from Baton Rouge.

7 months ago

An extremely easy trail to hike. Very clearly marked and well kept. Wouldn't necessarily recommend if you are looking for an adventure, but not a bad trail for beginners.

Find trailhead through Google maps using Tunica Falls! It is very pretty area. We went 2 adults and a dog, CHECK everywhere for ticks(and very small ones too) because one of us and the dog had quite a few. Other than that it is hard terrain at timed and a heap of stairs but I say it was worth it! Awesome nature outing!!!

Great trail. Definitely for more skilled hikers and for someone in shape! Brought my 15 week old pit puppy and she hung in there. If we would have went any further she probably wouldn't have made it. The reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because the ticks were so bad we had to turn around and leave. I picked 5 off of my dog in the trail. when we got back to the truck she had at least 15 on her. Me and my boyfriend then stripped and found a lot on us! Just be careful!

My first hike in Louisiana! Having very little experience hiking, I'd like to say this was a great success. The trail is clearly marked the for the duration of the hike. Parts of it were tricky, but maybe that's just me being a beginner! There were lots of ticks around. Maybe something to look out for. I finished the 4.2 miles in 1:44:41.

Great time beautiful sights. Fun terrain