The yellow trail was pretty lame. A lot of open fields and thick brush to look at. Nothing very scenic. Didn’t notice any great views of the river. Also a mile of it is on a gravel road for oil field traffic. Bad form.

Did the Orange and River trails today. Slight overcast with a nice relaxing cool breeze. Cardinals, Robins and squirrels all in abundance today. A beautiful day for a hike.

Variety of trails at this refuge. We combined the trails to make a long loop around the lake and along the river. Not a difficult hike, well marked. Several benches along the trail for anyone who may need to take a break, also found a cutoff where there was a nice outlook on the river. We took the dogs, and they had a wonderful time! Good little hidden hiking spot in the Shreveport area!

New Years Day. Very cold today but good for bird viewing and trails were clear of all water. Wonderful opportunity for family ramble.

good trail covienitly located near shreveport. very nice discovery room at entrance of trail. good views of lake. only downside is we were trying to complete a full loop but could not because the path turned to swamp and it hasn't rained in a month so I believe it is always this way. I wouldn't cross without rain boots its about 3 inches deep and very muddy.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Nice trail for an easy stroll. Lots of pretty scenery and plenty of places for bird watching.

They did a fantastic job reconstructing the park!

We were hoping that we would find a great place to hang some hammocks and relax, but no such luck. We also decided to go a little further instead of taking Refuge Rd back. It turned to mud really quickly which turned out to be kind of fun (if we would have fell in the mud it would have been a different story). We will do it again but only if we just want to walk through without hanging out.

We crossed the levee hit the orange trail to the yellow trail to the puple trail to the brown trail to the green trail to the car and we clocked about 4.5 miles.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Well kept trail but the orange trail is only .8 of a mile. I'll share a picture of the map.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We were a bit confused by the names of the trails on this app. It might have just been me or maybe they swapped colors on the map. The length of the trails didn't match the colors on the map they had available.

Either way it was BEAUTIFUL. We just loves it. My kids had a great time and saw a lot of neat thins. Another thing I thought is mentioned is the facility itself. The bathrooms were nice and clean and there were stations inside displayed the many different parts of wildlife in and around the Red River. It was fun and educational!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Really enjoy hiking these trails. Very easy trails to follow and hike, and very peaceful especially for being near the city.

Really enjoy hiking these trails. Very easy trails to follow and hike, and very peaceful for being near the city.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The orange trail is great for a super-easy afternoon hike. My dog and I often take this route, especially this time of year when the yellow trail gets a little muddy. There's a really neat chickasaw plum forest-of-sorts through the middle of it, where the ground is sandy. There are (quickly decaying) signposts marking various types of trees. It's almost perfectly flat, and grassy parts are mowed regularly, though you should keep an eye out for snakes since it's so close to the river.

Red River National Wildlife Refuge is my go-to hiking location in the Shreveport/Bossier area. My dog and I often head over there for an afternoon hike, and we always have a good time. The trails are very clearly marked, and grassy parts are mowed regularly. The route is crystal clear. The yellow trail gets a little muddy sometimes, but it's never been so bad that I've gotten my feet wet. There are two options: one through a sort of field, and the other along the trees by the river. The yellow trail joins the orange trail in a huge area filled with chickasaw plums and loops back to the interpretive building.

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