If you’re counting on using the restrooms, don’t. We read that there were restrooms available so we waited until we got there, just to find the restrooms locked and miles from civilization. The trail to the pavilion was gravel and an easy walk. Will return another time, better prepared.

loved it! great ~30 minute hike on the inner loop. perfect for my six year old. felt like we were in an enchanted forest. lots of fun bridges to cross and steps to climb. so peaceful.

I've walked/hiked the area several times since my last review, its still a nice little walk in the woods. I;ve recently suggested it to a few folks with younger children (5-10yrs) as a nice place to expose them to nature.
If you're just getting into hiking or would like to start off light this is the place. Very nice.

The Mary Ann Brown Nature Preserve was my first hike some years back. This is a very nice system to hike if you want something out of the way (no traffic sounds) and with a touch of "moderate" hiking. Located on the east end of the Tunica hills its a very mild area with a few small hilly area. There is a small pond (about an acre) with clean restrooms on the north end. The trails markings are fair and the trails themselves are lightly traveled so pay attention. If you hike this trail and it's your first time go ahead and hike the whole system, it should take less than two hours. Young kids will love it but I wouldn't bring strollers because there are a few spots that will require you to carry them up and down steep areas. Some time back was a sign that read, "Beware of Bobcats". Although I haven't seen the sign in a few years I would caution that this area has a lot of wildlife.
When I look for a location to hike I look for trails that are rather primitive, meaning, more like wildlife trails (way trails) than recreational trails. This location has both, it's main entrance is recreational but as you venture farther into the woods the trail becomes more primitive which to me enhances the "natural" experience. There is a well built bridge to walk across.