Nice easy hike. Came on the off season so it was extremely quiet! Definitely coming back for more.

Super great trail! Beautiful scenery and some good inclines to hike up even for a trail in Louisiana!

Fantastic trail with great views. Good for backpacking and camping off on your own, or day hiking.

Lots of elevation changes, but not too tough. You share the trail with mountain bikers, but I haven't had any problems with it. I simply step aside.

Very peaceful in the off season (Jan, Feb) I've not gone any other time.

Did it one day. Nice hike with a lot of changes in elevation. Kinda a rollercoaster. Also a ton of blind curves and short sight lines. Hikers stay alert. I had 6 mountain bikes come up on me really fast. Would not recommend earphones.

Bikers, put a bell or something that makes noise on your bikes, please.

The beginning of the trail was not well marked. However, the rest of the trail was well marked and easily followed. The trail goes around Kinkaid Lake with very nice views of the Lake. Part of the trail passes through a camping area that is available on the Lake. The camping area is pleasant and comfortable. The trail also can connect to the rest of the Wild Azalea Trail for a longer hike if desired.

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