Just a little local park trail. Not bad if you're just looking for a decent place to get a little exercise, but nothing too exciting here. Trail not marked well, just start at the playground and follow the paved walkway adjacent to the ball field. The dirt trail that branches off of the main trail is a more fun and challenging detour and it eventually circles back to the main paved trail. I wouldn't say it's worth driving any distance to see but the kids had a great time exploring.. saw a couple of bunnies and a few squirrels and birds... so if you don't mind some traffic noise from the interstate, it might be worth checking out if you live in the area.

2 months ago

Nice for a neighborhood trail. not worth driving more than a few miles to get there.

Very noisy and not very well marked in places. Saw a few bunnies near the park. It was an easy trail for my kids to walk but they were unimpressed that it led to a residential area.

8 months ago

Nice, saw no mud or bugs. My 5yr old enjoyed the hike. This 78 yr old body had to take a few rest brakes.

Difficult to find trailhead. Very loud as it goes right along the highway.

I could not locate this trail. Absolutely no markings whatsoever.

This is an average trail. The trail is right up against a residential area and Interstate 10. Entire trail is paved and runs into a city park. I was not very impressed. Total distance out and back is between 3.2 and 3.5 miles.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

I was looking for a place to take my son on a singletrack local to Slidell, and saw this location on AllTrails. If you start near the playground, and peddle on the paved path, just jump in on the dirt path on your right. There are two segments- a smaller leg before a bridge, and a slightly longer leg immediately to the left after the bridge. The pros: It's a singletrack in Slidell! It also had more terrain than I would have expected for the area, and some small fun spots where you can get some speed or air, with a log or two thrown in. We gave way to one set of hikers, with no one else using the trail. The cons: It's a very short ride, and is really an out-and-back that connects to a paved trail you can ride back to the beginning. However, with so few people actually using the trail, you could simply turn around and ride it each direction several times, which is what we did. If you need a fix that is in Slidell, this is better than nothing! It is definitely a beginner, shared-use trail.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The park trial is not easily identified. I never say a sign that said trial starts here, I just happen to see people walking in the woods. Also there is no clear trial markings, I just kept follow the trail and something didn't seem rigjt so I asked someone and she said I had walked out of the park and was headed for Gause Rd.!!

I came back another day to go the other way to make sure I don't do that again and to stay on the trail well after a few minutes I was at the playground and the trial stopped at the parking lot. HOW IS THIS A LOOP!!

Rather disappointing when I was hoping to get in a nice hike.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

went to check this little trail,the only thing I didnt like is that the whole time you walking you hear cars passing by from interstate

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

My husband and I both love the changes that were made to the trail. The only downfall is no mile markers, but other than that, its an excellent place to take a daily walk!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Hidden gem in Slidell. Good trail. Great hills for being in south Louisiana.

10 months ago

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