More of a leisurely stroll than a hike, but nice. Good as a starter trail. We saw a couple alligators and local birds. Lots of indigenous flowers - honeysuckle and Louisiana irises everywhere. Trail boardwalk is in great shape.

My favorite place around New Orleans to hike. During spring lots of wildlife! During summer - lots of horseflies. Still worth it.

Beautiful swampy boardwalk trail. Lots of wildlife- including gators. Definitely more of a walk/jog trail, so not anything challenging. But we really loved it out there.

Try to get it today but was closed(((

does anyone know where the indian mound is in Jean Lafitte park?

This trail needs serious maintenance. Luckily there was cell service and I had the map downloaded, but it was still difficult to navigate. There are very few trail markers and many parts of the trail are overgrown. You can find yourself in a field of palmettos and lose your way quickly. Be sure to look up for tall trees to use as markers as much of the trail is overgrown and not marked. Saw many downed markers on the trail as well. It was so bad at one point that I turned around and did different secretions of the trail.

off trail
2 months ago

Trail markers are few and far between. Trail itself is visible here and there. Definitely need map or trail app to find your way back as we did.

3 months ago

Its a peaceful trail. Saw a few snakes, alligators, birds and lizards. Would definitely like to go again.

over grown
3 months ago

Alot of tracks, garder snakes and dragon flies, however bring boots. Muddy for first part then nothing but swamp during the loop. Also very overgrown on loop where you can hardly see trail.

I have walked this trail and it is absolutely perfect! Easy trail, feels safe and very scenic. Highly recommend.

Great little trail. Mostly a wooden walkway and some gravel but we were able to take the umbrella stroller just fine for the whole thing. We saw 2 small alligators, piles of tiny snakes and plenty of squirrels. We went around 9a and it wasn’t too hot. It’s not really shady so I would suggest going in the morning.

Pretty good trail but careful where you step. Some of boards are loost and you cannot get to very end. Very pretty though.

Beautiful trail. Saw 6 Alligators, 1 Nutria, AND a Rooster. Fun trip all around!

Pretty good trail. It’s boardwalk/gravel the entire length. Rangers don’t allow you to deviate from the trail. Saw 2 squirrels, 1 friendly Nutria, 1 Bald Eagle from a distance, 1 alligator mom with 3 tiny babies, a few small birds. Quite a few people on the trail...

My husband and I did half of the trail and it was absolutely beautiful. The weather was overcast and cool with a slight breeze which made it so enjoyable. We saw an abundant variety of trees, plants, and wildlife to include a swamp rat, squirrels, birds, and an alligator. We conversed with several knowledgeable hikers which was highly enjoyable since we live in the high plains of Texas and this terrain is vastly different. I recommend taking the time to visit the Jean Lafitte National Park and Preserve. You definitely cannot go wrong here. I bet a trip here in the spring and summer would be very enjoyable. Happy hiking...y’all.

Wonderful hike to do in the morning, lots of wildlife, lots of very nice viewpoints. I recommend everybody to do it if you are in NOLA. Best experience of the bayou, way better than the so called « swamp tours ».

nice trail, nice scenery. great place for photos, seen 3 gators. definitely recommend this trail. lots of history markers with the ability to call in for facts of landmark

I loved this trail. board walking mostly. lots of bird watchers out there. you don't need your hiking stick. much shade beautiful views and the gators are out.

An easy trail over swamp and marsh. I saw 4 gators, a snake and any number of beautiful flowers and birds. This is a lovely way to spend a nice afternoon.

So awesome! From Utah visiting so it was cool to see the difference in climates. Saw 2 alligators and an orb weaver spider in its giant web

Entered a loop section of this trail from the northern most trailhead located 1/4 mile east of Barataria Pkwy. We hiked 2.5 miles SE to the parking lot. We were bushwhacking vegetation the first .6 mile section which wasn’t fun, which included areas of soft, moist, squishy ground, muddy. At one point my Vasque hiking shoes suctioned and I darn near stepped completely out of them. We ducked numerous spiderwebs across the trail. Lots of bugs, a few squirrels, and one deer. NO snakes. The main part of the loop was closed so it was a straight shot the final 2 miles.

no shade
over grown
8 months ago

Easy trail with lots and lots to look at! Cool swamp setting with lots of cool plants and many animals. Saw an alligator that was 1 foot from the trail! It was awesome. Also saw squirrels, birds, large bumble bees and large spiders. It gets hot during the summer so be prepared to sweat. The trail is a boardwalk so no risk of mud.

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