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Love this place. Great for birding.

The Bayou Coquille Trail is fantastic. I've done it several times, and always managed to spot an alligator. And often spot people antagonizing them. Don't be that guy...even (or especially?) if they're only a few feet away.

Great little trial. Went with 3 9/10 year olds and they had a blast. Packs lots water and big spray...

Great trail/boardwalk with plenty of species for the outdoorsman to enjoy. The Palmetto Trail is all boardwalk and the Bayou Coquille Trail is gravel/boardwalk on the back end. The Coquille Trail leads into the marsh and follows along the path of the old Kenta Canal, designed in the early 1900's, which was man-made and now overrun by marsh. Easy down and back trails connected to each other via a visitor parking lot.

Easy going walk through the swamp. Short trail with wild life to see, alligators, turtles, birds. This is a lightly trafficked enjoyable trail.

7 months ago

Beautiful trail! Much plants and wildlife to admire.
The many wild irises will be blooming soon.
If you are there and they are blooming, please post a review. I want to go back when they're in bloom!

Parking lot locks at 5. Park outside the gates if you wanna stay past 5pm.