Nice and easy to navigate trail features a railroad, sand river beach and giant bamboo! Highly recommended!

Overall a very nice hike for me and Renee. We will definitely go back and do it again. Would recommend it.

Can't say either way. Trails were under water when we tried walk it. End of May 2017

8 months ago

We walked some of this to get to the river walk trail. The entire part that we saw is laid with small-ish concrete gravel. Expect to be in the sun the entire time. If it's rained, there will be big puddles. We saw lots of flowers, and frogs. This is really nice for an easy walk (or run) off the beaten path; just prepare for sun, mosquitos, and ants in some places. Also, the walk back is very slightly uphill.

I hiked the river walk trail; it's only .6 miles. There were a handful of other people out (went on a Saturday afternoon.) Lots of views of the river, and much better scenery than I expected. I'll probably go back again and again. The trail isn't super well marked, but it's pretty obvious what's the trail and what isn't. I love that this whole trail is dirt, and that it's pretty much open forest in some areas - lots to see. it was slightly muddy here and there. Be aware of fire ants - only saw them in 2 places: in front of a bench at the river, and on a log. Blackberries are fruiting now, and we had to step over small single vines in a couple spots - they grab ;) There isn't much elevation.

not a bad trail saw 2 snakes I 2 miles!

Easy path. Well marked. Good path for kids. We Had a good time. Some mud but we easily avoided it.

Argh, no dogs. Too bad, it looked like fun! We went Comite bike trail instead

Just got back from there, I was a bit disappointed to see that they are clearing out trees (seemingly) in a few areas to make the trail wider, the elevation changes are nill.
The weather here has been bad so there were some debris on the trails and a fair amount of mud and water. It took us 70 minutes to hike about 2 miles mostly because we ventured around the area.
Still a nice place to just get out.

entrance is flooded. did not attempt to go forward

Friday, November 25, 2016

This trail is very easy with a few scenic areas. This place is great for taking younger children out for a walk in the woods. It's a nice spot to take a stroll if you do any sort of hiking and it's a nice place to introduce children to the hiking lifestyle. There is a beach area on the east side of the trail next to the train tracks with a rope swing.