13 hours ago

This is a great hike for Louisiana which is normally very flat and doesnt have a lot of hiking option. Because it's a mountain bike trail it has a lot of little hills and is is always interesting. I especially liked that there is a beach on the river to take a nice break. There is about 11 miles total of trail if you do every loop, although my pup and I did about 4 miles- it is easy to make it whatever hike you want, choosing which loops to do. There is even a shortcut trail (yellow markers) to cut off some of the loops. It can be confusing at times but it was fun and a good work out.

7 days ago

Trail was great and marked well. Beautiful views of the river. The negative of this trail is the crime in the surrounding area. While hiking our vehicle was vandalized by someone attempting to break in. Although unsuccessful in the attempt, a lot of time was spent sorting out the police and insurance claim. Great trail, beware of the crime.

2 months ago

Really nice trail. Trail was marked to where you could easily understand.

6 months ago

Very nice hike for me and Renee. We only encountered one snake the whole time we were out there. Would recommend this one to everyone

on Comite Park Trail

8 months ago

Wonderful long trails and some elevation add interest to the hike. Make sure you bring a map, when we went the markers were missing on some of the trees, but the trail itself was still easily distinguishable. (This may have been aftermath of the August flooding) There is a nice beach area by the river that is accessible right off the trail. Also, make sure to watch out for the bikers, they seem to come out of nowhere rather quickly due to the winding trails.

10 months ago

I love this trail because of the little beach that you can hike to. I went with my boyfriend and my dog. It was an easy trail to hike and were able to find the beach easily. We went on a Saturday morning/afternoon. There were quite a few people parked in the lot. It was mostly bikers so you have to pay attention on the trail. We did see some birds and a snake. The beach was nice, but there is trash and broken bottles.

10 months ago

great scenery

Fun trail...next time use the bikes

11 months ago

Good time, loved it

11 months ago

I just "hiked" a good portion of the Comite Park Trail (3/3/17).
I've used this trail many times in the past on a mountain bike, which the trail system is geared for (pun intended), but this was my first time hiking it. We followed the advice at the trailhead and hiked in the opposite direction of the bike traffic so we looked for signs that read "WRONG WAY". It was a very pleasant experience hiking this system and because it is used for bicycles the paths are very easy to follow and as long as you hike the "wrong way" you should be able to follow this trail through the whole loop. Since I'm somewhat familiar with the system I did venture on to the side trails which made my experience a little more adventurous. Being a bike trail this system it's not the best for hiking but because it's in such a small area the trails are always changing directions, and to me that makes it fun. We hiked for about two hours on a cool morning. We saw a few snakes, spiders, frogs, birds and other amphibious animals. Unfortunately we were never clear from the sound of traffic which is my only complaint. Kudos to BRAMBA (Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Association) for keeping the trail up in excellent condition. (I'm posting cell phone photos)
I would advise against taking young kids here mainly because of the mountain bike riders. They ride the trail fast and they're focused on the trail directly ahead of them, a young child could get hurt. It would be nice if BRAMBA would hang a few markers for hikers, this would help prevent accidents and to clear up confusion as to where a hiker can "hike".

First trail I've done and I love hiking! I'll be back to this one. Lots of different pathways you can branch off onto.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Dogs are welcome! Just need to pay attention to where you are! Lots of paths.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A great day!! Pretty easy trail. We brought our dog & she loved it. The beach is fun. As other reviews state there are many bikers to be mindful. This is considered a "biking" trail so we aimed to be respectful & move quickly as to not slow anyone down. Everyone was very polite.

Friday, November 25, 2016

I haven't hiked this trail but I have "biked" this trail plenty times. I'm just now reading reviews about hikers mentioning a lot of mountain bikers. In the Baton Rouge area this is known as a mountain biker's trial more than a hiker's trail. It's very well maintained by the group BRAMBA (Baton Rouge Area Mountain Bike Assoc.) that uses this trail system for biking, they even have races on it.
I would suggest if you plan to hike this trail system you keep that in mind.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

it was ok... not very challenging really. just a nice hike. lots of trash on the ground tho and a few unleashed dogs. but thats not to say ot will happen every time.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Took my dog and it was a great hike. There were no maps available so I photographed the map at the entrance, hoping my phone wouldn't die. Lots of little swamps, a small beach, and the trails had a few surprises. Saw a snake, birds and squirrels. It was shaded for the majority which was pleasant. Just don't forget your bug spray.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Great trail. Clearly defined trails and markers. Bring mosquito spray!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

It was a good trail. Definitely keeps your eyes peeled for snakes. We walked up on two copperhead snakes. No biggie though, because we were in their house. Next time we will try it with bikes.

mountain biking
Saturday, May 28, 2016

Nice trail for beginners/ amateurs. Has some intermediate/ difficult drops but offers fun for all bikers. I like that there is a tool station at the trailhead and place to wash off bikes. I recommend going on dry afternoons. If there is heavy rain, trails can close as expected. I enjoy this trail.

nature trips
Friday, May 13, 2016

It was a fun hike with 2 adults and a dog! You can spend a good part of the day here...bring or wear a bathing suit because there is a nice little beach! To get there take a left at marker #5, it is wise to bring a map because it can get a little confusing, especially trying to get to the beach. Watch out for bikers, there are many, but they are friendly and watch for hikers too. My only complaint is the beach had broken glass and beer/cans littering the sand and water, I think it's because people tube here. Also, keep a good eye out for snakes near the bogs, we saw 4 moccasins. All in all it was a great hike, we very much enjoyed it and I would say my dog gave it 5 stars, especially because of the water!!!

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