Bayou Segnette State Park offers the best of everything. Just a thirty-minute drive across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, a multitude of recreational opportunities awaits visitors of all ages--boating, fishing, canoeing, picnicking, playgrounds and, of course, swimming in the wave pool, as well as an ecosystem that offers you the chance to spot plants, trees and wildlife from both swamps and marshland. Both salt and freshwater fishing are available because of the park's unique location. From the boat launch, you may explore many areas not readily accessible by overland routes. Catches of bass, catfish, bream, perch, redfish and trout are common in the area. On land, picnic areas are available for the whole family, and the playgrounds will delight the children. Group shelters are a perfect spot for large groups to gather, and the park's group camp provides another option for big gatherings. After you have splashed the day away in Bayou Segnette's popular wave pool or skipped across any one of the adjacent waterways by boat, you will be glad you took the time to sit back and watch nature at play--for the wildlife is abundant and the vegetation worth closer study.

Not fun at all. The trail is not used often so it is a maze of brush and hidden spider webs. Went in about 0.25 miles and decided to turn around when reaching the fifth spider web infested obstacle that completely blocked the trail. Wish I had seen previous reviews prior to arriving to the park.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

State park with picnic area but the trail is disappointing. It's not much used or maintained and is overgrown. I had to go through brush and weeds in one spot to continue on the trail. The trail is not long enough to get a real walk in but it looks like a lovely place to have a picnic and then a nice stroll on the trail. I think I paid $2 to get into the state park,

Not a hiking park. Just a picnic area, it has a wave pool that cost an extra 8-10$ and that looked cool. But other than being a boat launch and wave pool it's a waste for 2$ to go hiking because I didn't find any trails just paved roads around the picnic areas. I took my dogs and they basically relieved themselves and we left.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Short trails. Nothing spectacular.

This trail is a very short boardwalk loop in the wetland. It is a good location for birdwatchers, however the experience is spoiled by the noise from the road.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I live less than 5 miles from this park. It has 3 small trails that run together so you can go as far as you want. 1. WildCat 2. Westwego 3. Racoon Run. To do all 3 straight is 1.8 miles. To come back you have a choice of half road or double back. There is also a levee you can walk on. You enter where they launch boats and walk about 2 miles. Of course you have to walk back. Both of these trips are easy. I love the levee part where the camps were at one time before Hurricane Katrina took them down. You can find a nice spot to sit & watch wildlife. I love the egrets, blue heron, ducks sometimes, seagulls, & occasionally an alligator or 2. One time there was a mess of pelicans to watch.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This park is great for biking with family and friends. Traffic on the roads yes,but drivers are very cautious. Various short trails,camping,canoeing, fishing,powerboat launch,wave pool,laundrymat,kiddie playlands around park,Rv hookups. I like this park because its close by and close to shopping so we can camp,have fun and not spend a lot to travel. $1 to Enter park.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I've had longer walks through the mall parking lot. Had to wait for cars to cross streets twice during trail, the place is littered with people having parties, and you can see the street throughout most of the trail. Flat terrain, don't know how they come up with 178ft elevation change, no solitude. Kiddy trail,no challenge at all.

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Tuesday, March 06, 2012