Photos of Turkey Run Park Hiking Trails

The trail was overall relatively easy, easy to follow and well maintained. It is not a loop route as the site suggests but a lasso-shaped route. The trail is very pretty walk through a hardwood forest with multiple streams, small waterfalls. There is very little elevation change and what is there is very easily done with little to no struggle for someone of average athleticism. Be aware that there were issues with very muddy locations that were very slick. It made it difficult to traverse without either sliding or having to move off the trail. I would recommend not doing this hike if mud is noticed early on due to the difficulty in passing as well as the damage done to the trail in attempting to do so. Another issue to be aware of is the creek crossing. Without shoes that resist water, or warm temperatures, I would not recommend doing the last loop of the hike. There is a fairly large stream that requires you to hike across multiple large stones that can be slick and unstable.