trail running
5 months ago

good trails. but rough.

Good scenery. Hills are great perfect for a short trail. Constant undulation. Narrow trails. Can get a little slippery, although I was wearing flip flops. Almost fell twice. Saw 5 deer as close as 40 ft. My dog loved it. Only saw 1 person on a beautiful Sept., midday.

Kids loved it the hills are strenuous but amazing!

Not as good for kids as trail is narrow. But if your child can climb over trees & hike some mild elevation-then a fun hike! Some small bugs, butterflies & landscape to enjoy the hike!

There is an updated map at the trail-head, and with the numbered trees you really can't get lost. If you're wondering about parking, there is some gravel off the side of the road by the trail-head that can fit maybe 3 cars. If that's full (doubtful), I would park back in that lot by the school soccer field.

Good scenery on this trail as it winds down to the Ohio River with good views across to Ohio. I could imagine that the view would be hindered in the summer with full foliage, but any other season rewards hikers with good views. Fairly easy to find, in the Tower Park area of Ft. Thomas. One of my local favorites!

It is a good hike for the first one in spring. It is not highly used and quiet. Tree variety is not as I had expected, lots of duplicate trees.

Great little walk. Took my dog for a walk, he loved it. Good mix of elevation changes and scenery. Saw some deer, which the dog tried to chase :)

Fun moderate level trail. Enjoyed looking at the different species of trees marked along the trail

Not much parking available but we walked there so that wasn't a problem. The trail doesn't get a lot of attention it seems which is good because we only saw a few other people but bad because there was some maintenance needed. All told its worth a stroll.